• George Zimmerman Catfishing Women on Dating APPS

    George Zimmerman the killer who was set free who killed Trayvon Martin has been caught catfishing women online he has been kicked off of other dating websites so we can assume his marriage failed and he is on the market again.

    Zimmerman, also threatened Beyonce in the past and Jay -Z so the man just doesn’t seem to make friends and he is hated for the crime he commited and got away with.

    Zimmerman’s ex-wife called police claiming he threatened her and a family member with a gun again so it makes us wonder why he is still free to do as he pleases when he has a history of killing and also threatening even his wife with again after, he was set free of the killing of Trayvon Martin.

    Why would anyone want to date a Murderer and a known women Abuser?

    Image result for george zimmerman

    George Zimmerman has also been accused of now threatening, harassing and stalking according to CNN as of 2018, the news of the fake profiles was reported in 2019!

    Image result for george zimmerman

    Be careful Ladies Zimmerman,  uses another alias Like Jorge for example which is a spanish way of the the american name  George…. Ladies and he also has been banned from Bumble reported by the NY Post, no app wants to be liable for another accidental so-called self-defense tragedy.

    I say that in a respectful way no one deserves to lose their life because they have a  hoody on as long as he did not jump his fence what is really going on dude seems pretty crazy.

    Stalking a Private Investigator working on a Trayvon Martin Documentary he called the investigator 55 times and left 67 text messages and almost over 50 more voicemails!


    Image result for george zimmerman dating


    Zimmerman has been banned from dating apps Bumble he wants to grab coffee and cakes and sits with a dog wow he doesn’t even mention he was arrested for murder so this man is on the app and the last time we checked he was in trouble for  putting a gun to his ex-wife’s head women run for the hills he is using a fake name too so this is why he was removed from the app.


    George has also been on Tinder using fake names luring women in with coffee and cakes and he has been outed so be careful single ladies you never know.

  • No Jail Time for White Teen Who Killed 3 People Crossing Street

    Cherokee County Ga -No jail time for for a white teen who was distracted on her phone and ran over three people including a baby.

    Is there a hand book or for judges really do what they please? The Iowa Teen killed three people and one of them was a three month old baby she was apparently Zoe Reardon 18,was distracted and killed three people she has been sentenced to 26 months of probation and her license will be given back after 1 year of community service. 

    The judge seemed to care more about the girl than the life she took in her negligence he had this to day to Reardon during her sentencing:“You’re pretty young,” State court Judge Alan Jordan told Reardon during sentencing. “You’ve got a lifetime ahead of you. I expect this is something you’re going to have a hard time dealing with the rest of your life.”

    The victims included hurricane evacuees Kaitlin Hunt and her 3-month-old daughter, Riley, along with their family friend, 61-year-old Kathy Deming.

    This week would have marked Hunt’s 30th birthday, as loved ones from both families pleaded with Jordan to hand down the toughest sentence possible. Rear don claims she didn’t see them at all and it was a accident but onlookers who saw what happened claim this was not accurate at all she has got away with a crime that many people of other ethnicity would have been put in jail for significant amount of time.

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  • Barbz Nicki Minaj Fans … Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?

    Word on the streets is .. Fans called child protective services on Cardi B she and a few other people got into it as well some people called CPS.

    Image result for cardi b baby

    I can’t read the tweets of Cardi B sorry🤣 … so i’ll post some it here


    Image result for barbz call cps on cardi b

    Word on the streets is .. Fans called child protective services on Cardi B she and a few other people got into it as well some people called CPS I can’t read it.

    Fan’s Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?


     cardi b baby
    Barbz Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?

    Barbs called Child Protective Services  and this Is a hot mess but she should not fighting all the time this is sad.. CPS  the agency has done nothing because it was a hoax – but this is crazy but she needs to not act that way publicly and doing it on the internet too this is too much!


    Image result for barbz call cps on cardi b


    Barbz fan goes back in forth with Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina…

    Related image
    Keyshia Cole a girl online goes in on Cardi b and goes back in forth with one person who does not like you sounds like low self confidence,I would not have time for that if I was making her kind of money or not.

    Related image
    Tell us your thoughts on this whole Cardi vs. Nicki Minaj situation should they beef or or call a peace on their problems?


    Fans on IG …Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?

    Related image

    Barbs called CPS and this Is a hot mess but she should not fighting all the time this is sad.No one has called CPS,this is crazy  Cardi B  needs to not act the way she does  publicly on social media she shares too much and does way to much.. doing it on the internet too this is too much!

    Nicki Minaj post online
    According to this is a private text of Nicki Minaj about Cardi B

    Barbz fan goes back in forth with Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina…

    Keyshia Cole a girl online not the singer 😂 goes in on Cardi b and goes back in forth with one person who does not like you sounds like low self confidence I would not have time for that if I was making her kind of money or not.
    Tell us your thoughts on this whole Cardi vs. Nicky Minaj situation should they beef or or call a peace on their problems?

  • Kim Porter Diddy’s Ex Found Unresponsive Dead at 47 years old

    Diddy’s Ex  Found Unresponsive Dead at 47 years old .On November 15,2018  Kim Porter was found unresponsive in her home  .

    Kim Porter  born  1971 ,   raised  in Columbus, Georgia. … After her graduation from Columbus High School in 1988, she moved to Atlanta to pursue a bigger dream.

    She was in a relationship with singer Al B. Sure! and in 1991, they had a son Quincy Brown who was named after Al B. Sure’s mentor, musician Quincy Jones.

    It has been reported by TV one she died because of pneumonia and went into cardiac arrest. It is sad because we have been digging and he is devastated over her death.

    Image result for Kim porter al b sure

    it saddens us to say she was found unresponsive on November 15, 2018 . Kim was married to back in the day  AL B. Sure the late 90’s equivalent to The Weekend with his dance hits and good looks.

    Al B Sure son Quincy looks just like him- sad to see she is gone at such a young age. Star like Missy Elliot showed their care for her little ones and her eldest to have some strength.

    Kim, appeared in several tv shows she was also model and decided to divorce combs because of his lifestyle and irreconcilable differences to be the best mother she could for her children instead of staying and dealing with the bachelor life most men and women in power indulge into.

    Our hearts go out to her friends and family ,who now have to attend a funeral from our research there was no public knowledge of her suffering from a disease but often that is not public information.




    Related image


    Kim Porter who had a career in modeling has children with Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs who has made millions from music movies and alcohol has not made a public statement surrounding his wife at this time.



    Related image

    Kim Porter leaves her children  QuincyChristian Casey CombsJessie James CombsD’Lila Star Combs

    The coroner is preparing for autopsy to seek the cause of death of Kim Porter we didn’t really know much about her but we are sure that her family is hurting from their lost of their mother.

  • Deray Davis Exposes Women Taking Advantage of HIM at 11 years old😯😲😳

    As a man there is no age that it isn’t cool to have sexual relations with an older women.

    The interview on Vlad TV went viral and it was a great topic, no one is talking about sure we love the gossip here and there and like to see what happens next but this topic is something that happens no one is speaking on today till now!


    BEVERLY HILLS, CA – SEPTEMBER 10: DeRay Davis (C) attends Netflix Presents Russell Simmons ‘Def Comdey Jam 25’ Special Event at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on September 10, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/ WireImage)

    Deray Davis,  said he was only 11 years of age, when the women speaking on his mother’s skills as a parent also wanted to sleep with him!

    He also said the women were not that attractive … Hey @Deray, not everyone is blessed with good looks!

    It seems a little young and it kinda makes you want to tell your young children that no matter women or man they should not be forced to have sexual relations or lured to in any way shape or form.



  • Border Patrol Agent: Serial-killer Admitted to Killing Several Women (Crime News)




    Texas –  A local  border patrol agent has been on a killing spree and you’ll never believe what happened at the end of it all.


    According to sources close to the suspect now the Congress is actually questioning this border patrol agent for his reasons for killing these women and I mean several women as he would detain the women and take them back to an undisclosed place- later killed them so this is a very troubling story that’s coming out of Texas today and our thoughts go out to the victims of the families affected.

    This image provided by the Webb County Sheriff’s Office shows Juan David Ortiz, a U.S. Border Patrol supervisor who was jailed Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, on a $2.5 million bond in Texas, accused in the killing of at least four women. Ortiz was nabbed early Saturday after a string of violence against female sex workers in Laredo, Texas, where he is a supervisor with the Border Patrol. (Webb County Sheriff’s Office via AP)



    According to CNN the Border Patrol agent was arrested Later identified as Juan Ortiz he was actually a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Texas near the Mexico Border .

    In our research into  this story and  understanding of what has happened he has been charged with for murder charges he was caught after the fifth victim got away authorities arrivedand he confessed  and one unlawful restraint with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon according to the Webb County  District Attorney’s office .

    Laredo Texas Border Patrol agent
    Agent is charged with Murder killing 4 women

    The victim’s  were lured shot in the head  execution style and where later to be found to be local prostitutes allegedly but in our eyes these were just women who were likely charmed and then their lives were taken for thinking the man was a good old Border patrol agent so we do not believe according to CNN all women were sex workers.

    if you ever felt more scared than you are today for these women To work in this street industry that seems to take advantage of their vulnerability and kills them after later thinking that they’re going to make some sort of money so again all human life matters no matter who you are hopefully the family’s can find peace at what was happened.


    Valeria “Monique” Alvarado, 32, who grew up in the area and lived in Southcrest, allegedly ran into a Border Patrol agent with her car and was fatally shot through the windshield about 1 p.m. Friday on Moss Street near Oaklawn Avenue, according to federal agents, Chula Vista police and broadcast reports


    Unfortunately this is a very sad sad story and the only good thing is that this man is off the streets tell me your thoughts today how do you feel about this Border  Patrol Agent-Killing Local women he was supposed to be a Public servant but he has become a Public Nightmare and a murderer.

  • Nicki Minaj Exposes Cardi .B on Queen Radio (Nicki and Cardi B Fight)

    -So Queen radio had a new show and i can say it was fun to listen to.


    Nicki Minaj, was on the show talking with Tekashi 69 via airport she did promote him and say he was a good dude the streets love him and this show is everything .. some people are messing with Nicki ‘s show Queen Radio and we are one of them!


    Cardi B claims Nicki talked about Kulture her new baby why would she care about her parenting skills is what she said and she claims that Cardi B. has built her career on Payola Nicki  Minaj, is  tell en the truth but what record is not plugged from the Record Label to  radio stations playing over and over sometimes,  for us it makes us not like the song and when we hear it we turn it off.

    Cardi and Rah Ali were the ones who were scrappen not Nicki
    Ear to the streets Show @ 9pm Thursdays

    I just wonder why this is okay for Cardi B. to go around playing the victim

    Also a women on social media came forward on air &said  Cardi B. told a story about cardi sending a message stating her baby died because she didnt take care of it and it was a monkey not sure who the women was but why would someone say a child was a monkey and come to find out her  baby was  deseased we cant make this shit up so take a step into the bad side with Nicki just clack the Emoji to watch  more at the end of this article.

    We are not sure of who this women was now all of sudden women are coming forward stating Cardi does not identify,  as African American but her daughter will be multicultural but seen as African american so we are unsure of the perception Cardi has put out there being she is mixed raced herself but some say it was said in anger not racist remarks..

    “Two weeks later after giving birth at fashion week  fighting  and then before she was at  Strip club , with her entourage fighting strippers!”

    -Nicki Minaj Queen Radio 



    We are not on either person side  just reporting the news join us tomorrow for more Trending News!




  • Eminem’s Kamikaze Falls Short of Expectation

    Now for all the Eminem fans please exit left on our radio site we keep it real!

    Eminem was someone who was a big thing a decade ago now people are not feeling him based on the last record it shows us he is not as Hungry as he once was and now had the nerve to come with a diss record when he didnt bring it !


    The beat is wack if your going to battle other rappers come with a junk in your truck beat the song sounds like a fucked up version of a toy commercial with a rapper…

    Eminem’s fame for the most part was the angst, of hating his mother his new baby mother and Britney Spears Justin Timber lake and Christina he was off the chain for a while but he seemed to always hold on to the same formula now he changed his rap style and people do not think he is a Rap God i mean if he was couldn’t he have foresaw his fall bringing up MGK name Drake and a few others …

    Listen to the track here our next post will introduce the comebacks and guess who’s the winner MGK


  • Mac Miller Dead at 26

    It was a total surprise to me to see that the man who came on the rap scene so young at the same time as Ariana Grande  with a r&b single that touched my heart and made others take notice , in recent months there were rumors they may be back together.

    He also had a tattoo of Ariana on his body

    On September 7, 2018 Mac Miller was found Dead in Studio City, he was a rapper producer and he died so young the question is what caused him to die so young?


    The Los Angeles Police Department told CNN that officers responded to a call for a death investigation at the 11600 block of Valley crest Road just before noon local time. The coroner’s office will handle the investigation, according to police.

    Millers real name is Malcolm McCormick, he started doing music in his teens and later made his debut to the Billboard charts as a indie artist at age 19, he was a hustler with a pioneering spirit friends and family say he is a bright light and will be missed.

    RIP Mac Miller

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