About Us

Radiotubetvis a website focused on trending news musicians and our community is our focus .

News will be updated as it comes in also earn points for logging in and also for those that would like to post content each month we offer a few giveaways and sometimes we pick random users for polls and trivia.

Our radio host DJ Harmony and our affiliate radio stations or partners, our website welcomes news based content on Pop culture and original film and web series we are the video and radio website that congratulates original content want to post content you can just upload using your profile or become a contributor after you have a profile set up and at least 4 videos per month we will be contacting those interested in writing for us and those who want to come on board as a publisher.


Our Story

Our website has been online for 5 years we removed the old url due to hacking so its time to start new with a new site new look and more perks for users. We also will be doing giveaways in select major cities we are located in Phoenix Arizona if you are in Phoenix contact us we would love to speak with people interested in radio or publicist training we are a small based team of two people our site runs off the generosity of our patrons and partners and our volunteers.

Our website started with promotion of Ryan Anguiano, Ms. Hennessy City Lyfe, King David  Combo Hatchet to name a few,  Interviews with top Hollywood TV  producers and also promotion of many more musicians the list goes and goes One of our host was able to achieve getting a plug for a artist to work with a Grammy award winning producer but this goes with what we do for musicians videos music and we also support indie artist’s we accept all genres of music.

Our website support small medium and large based businesses see more on our sponsor vs partnerships  page to learn more about how advertising works we have the lowest rate in the industry, at the end of the day we are here to serve musicians all proceeds of advertising goes towards our end of year festival and awards session we are planning in 2020.


Some content has been curated on the web if your content is used on this site for commentary purposes we will ensure to provide credit to each post. As time moves on we will limit outside content to 90% at this time we just wanted to share our picks of the day best tv shows trending news lifestyle talk radio for musicians and we have our own Video stream channels on this website see more updates in the near future.



We offer a special ad program for musicians and small based business and content creators make sure to read more about our advertising options on our Advertise with us page 


Please respect others privacy.

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