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Youtuber Tasha K Being Sued by Cardi B ….After Video of Undocumented Evidence

Star Marie " Fake Cardi B Roommate" Ruining Friendships ?


Cardi B said she would Sue Youtuber Unwine with Tasha K  because of her slanderous statements about her baby and her allegedly having Herpes this is definitely scary being there is no one who has stepped forward publicly in regards to these claims.

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Tasha k lies about lost friendship with Lovelyti during the Cardi B & Star Marie Situation


This story broke up her relationship with Lovelyti who also aspires to be celebrity gossip host she has thousands of subscribers and said to be the Queen of gossip because she spills the tea with receipts some are concerned Tasha K is not vetting her stories with sources to get that exclusive edge….

Malibu doll face said Tasha K just wanted to Break a story about Cardi B backfired Now Cardi B is suing Tasha K ,for stalking online.

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There is a lot of moving parts to this story so we will do our best to report on this story, in the video we posted we would like to retract that allegedly Tasha K said that the Baby is not Offset’s of course this is not from our mouths this was out of the mouth of Tasha k many mixed reviews on this subject is Card B wrong for saying this or does she need to disconnect from social Media ?

Lovely ti  has been on the web for while and now friends with Tasha K & Lovelyti are No longer friends because she threw her name in a IG message.


A few months ago Star Marie a girl who went on social media and said Cardi B is a bad mother and all kinds negative judgemental statements and stories of Cardi b being a hooker and even the YouTuber, going to court according to Cardi B  she will sue Tasha K. and now all of sudden Tasha said she did it for views ?

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Personally we post more on our personal blog than Youtube that will change being Youtube is in need ethical interviewers and people who may not have went to the University, but our  integrity is never to slander a person sometimes other Youtubers, like Tasha K. just think about the views not their audience.


Armon Wiggins made a video and said he was not Tasha K’s friend  when he looked up next he claims that Tasha K recording conversations without knowing what was said.

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Malibu doll face was supposedly contacted by Lovelyti video and now all of sudden people saying the information was given from Lovelyti other Youtubers are now making videos wtf is going on now.


rcardi b slander tasha k malibu dollface

Why is Cardi B a bad parent how does anyone know on Youtube why is it okay for the Shade  room and Star Marie was the one who came out saying she had Herpes…


Issue a lot of people have is supposedly Tasha K did not do any vetting she is just reading the emails and release of medical records and the media will be involved and now all of sudden things will change .


Lawyer wise does she have a case we would love law office to comment below.


Tasha should have never provided a platform for Star Marie Tasha K addresses the issues and said they planned it and working behind the scenes maybe it was not the way she thought maybe they spoke about the story working together to expose her as a liar with different opinions repeated story who cares if it was true .



We fell for it fake news now wtf is going on here now I don’t watch her channel too much but she does have a lot of views and she made it seem like people are stupid.



Reported Tasha K page about her videos remove the video off of youtube malibu dollface lies for story and said tasha k allegedly making shit up to get views.


Cardi b and star marie had a issue she made nice with her and she didn’t have shit and you don’t know her .


She did that shit on purpose to get more views trend the internet and we did that is what she said but people are confused why Star Marie came out and did a interview about her not Tasha K and a email sent would be the person to sue.


Clout chaser but when she went to say cardi has a disease and getting passed the details if your a investigative reporter then ask her a question like why now why not when she came out of love and hip hop and photoshopped photos on Lovelyti is a larger Youtuber she did not  interviewed Star Marie she doesn’t care about the girls story she just wanted to promote her video first before Loveliti and impressive said she was a liar and proven to be a liar already.


Why does it matter what Star marie saids about Cardi B why even…


Is this being a blogger and in together sell fake ass story for some views and malibu dollface was confused about the whole thing trying to do stunts and shows and he said he said don’t call me he doesn’t want to talk to her and he denied it he don’t care.


Threw  Malibu Doll Face … under the bus and now look people are looking at her funny

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