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Woman, boy, 5, drown in Houston home of Ex-Dodger Carl Crawford


HOUSTON — A 5-year-old boy and a woman drowned Saturday in the backyard pool of a Houston home that reportedly belongs to former Dodger Carl Crawford, police said Sunday.


Carl Crawford says he's over his hate for Boston

Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva told the paper Houston Chronicle  the child was swimming in the pool and had trouble breathing so a women jumped in to save the child and also drowned identified as Bethany Lartigue and 5-year-old Kasen Hersi.


Two drown at home of former MLB All-Star Carl Crawford | Montreal ...

The women died attempting to save the child question is why is the pool so deep and who else was there that could swim to save both parties?

The property records shown the owner is ex-major league Baseball golden glove Carl Crawford known for his speed and is a Hall of Fame member 


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Carl Crawford. the owner of 1501 Records made headlines when Meg the Stallion sued the indie label now according to ESPN there was a drowning but the child was not his child and he is not related to the child who drowned in his home this past weekend.


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