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Willie and Sandra Fired from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood| Does Alexis Skye have something to do with it ?

If your a love and Hip Hop lover of drama fights and shade well…Bad news for Willie fans and  Sandra have been booted from the show !

I am not surprised being the couple had a rocky relationship and the story line was so so…

Willie was a group member of Day26 once of Diddy’s TV reality Music shows
with such a great voice I am unsure why he needed Love and Hip Hop Hollywood !

Sandra separated from Willie during the last season nothing but drama a women showed up stating she was seeing him a lot behind her back when he was touring in the CHI the mistress is extra emotional but is it her fault or Willies ?

Season three it went down for sure and the problem with it is Kyesha has receipts …Sandra is like many females she got mad at the wrong person !

Let’s be honest about the whole thing is the typical thing that happens with entertainers so what else did she think would happen .. in the spirit of show business she somehow found a way to insert her music into the scene sounds like to us the auto tune did a lot of the work !


Why do cheaters  think they can have their cake and eat it too ?

Willie is a R&B  singer back in the day singers would lie about being married to become more popular with their fans .. The question that is burning inside of my mind is what happened to the Baby ?

In my humble opinion he should have left Love and Hip Hop alone it was not required he would have been better off releasing a video on World Star and touring around the country not on Love and Hip Hop also there was a some talk of the story line before the show came out is this is a SOAP OPERA ?

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