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Why Your Music Promotion Sucks

By :Camille Nelson

Promoting your music is not spam if you have a great song we would love to hear it we will now build a network of stations we would love to hear your music our network in this article we will discuss video we will also talk about using newsletters to stay in touch with your fans. 

Why email ? 

You can stay a touch with your fans, Mail chimp is Free after you hit 2000 emails it will not be free the first thing i would like to address is why more artists are not djs ,radio hosts ,pod casters ,writers vloggers ? 

If you have not already notice positioning is why the top artist in your city is  were they are today you need to find an area you can serve. We also have a new course to help musicians set up a website effectively if interested just add your email and get registered today.

Are you a full time musician or part time hobbyist this is the time to dedicate into creating music that counts not music no one hears i will give you a road map to help you to truly transform your music promotion. 

Look at reality tv and Facebook  they closely resemble one another because its a right now show a post that happened right now in the next few paragraphs i will provide tips watch the video to learn how to create a successful profitable career online and offline. 

Keep in Mind you don’t need to spam advertising is what your doing, I would like to teach you how to advertise without losing followers and also losing potential fans today is a new day for our network we have founded our site on offering news and also Paying it forward for musicians entertainers and also media. Our assets are not just on Blogger we have diversified our portfolio by other associated channels we own multiple streams of content.

Post on other networks use groups as a engagement vehicle not a one way conversation all about you only watch what we do to get more likes comments and shares in the free webinar how to make more money with music gigs this week it is a free on demand webinar your invited if you are reading this post !

Make a new Profile Cover Using  its the Photoshop for the non techs 

Post a video or two and also do not Facebook live in a unprofessional way this can hurt your career even if you never become a super star you can still make money with music do not let people tell you your too old Susan Boyle and a Jay Z has proven this is not the truth about how it really works times have changed and people know good music when they hear it. 

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