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What Really Happened with Janet Jackson and her Ex Husband🤷‍♀️ ??

Janets Secret Husband’s in the Past…

Janet has always kept everything secret even now so when she was getting a Divorce  to Alizondo who was said to be her manager at a time , it did not surprise some because of her free spirit it’s hard to see her settle down but when she did it was quite alarming to see her convert into a  burca and not show any skin.


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in the past Janet was married to a man we see a lot the reason is obvious if your married your less desirable by your male/female  fan’s.

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We know Janet shows skin ,but in a classy way she does not come across as a women who will wear butt chaps so what’s the big deal ?

Janet is still doing her thing she was there at the same Global Festival with Cardi B and other stars who came out to perform.

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Ms. Jackson, was not there for the drama like Hennessy Carolina and Cardi maybe she could talk to these ladies about professionalism or maybe  not..

Even though she may have a secret love child with Debarge we have had heard rumors so the Control song may have a meaning to janet we never were aware of till today…


Janet Jackson and El Debarge
Janet Jackson is reportedly pregnant with her first child, but according to a shocking claim from her ex-husband, James DeBarge, she’s already a mom! Janet reportedly had a baby in secret..

Janet is a survivor just like Michael they have evergreen music that doesn’t seem to get old but at over the age of 50 she is done well.

Who was this man she married anyway ?


His name  Wissam Al Mana. Yes  he was rich as hell!

  • Janet already rich married for Love but it seems like it was too Good to be true
  • Owning the equivalent of Universal studios in the Saudi world is huge and that is not all.

What broke down the marriage with Hussan ?


Wisam Al Mana and Janet Jackson Photo credit JohnGallianoSpringSummerFashionShow

The controlling nature of her new marriage is what  a lot of people were afraid would break them up her brother also said her new man was abusive towards Janet who is always been very nice and soft in nature so it was a complete surprise she was going through living with a man who thought of her as property.

Janet called the Cops on him so she must feel a certain way about his parenting as a child Janet likely saw the abuse of Michael and her older siblings before the fame Janet was the baby so she may not have experienced this as much as the others she never spoke out about this as far as we know so we believe she must be concerned with the handling of Essa her son she shares with Saudi

What is he doing now that he is not married to Ms. Jackson?


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