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What Happened to Ms. Jacky OH

DJ Young Fly Comedian and member of Nick Cannon’s Wilden Out!

Jacklyn Smith aka Ms Jacky Oh died after a mommy makeover,  in a hotel room in Miami, Florida complications to a plastic surgeon with bad Google reviews and lawsuits against his patients!


Ms Jacky OH DC Young fly partner death by mommy makeover

We believe that she died due to complications of her multiple procedure mommy makeover which opens up several bodies of the cavities to achieve a pristine look we aren’t sure exactly which procedure she was getting done but for my understanding from the post it was a procedure done by a doctor who is not licensed.

DC Young Fly

Rumors of a sacrifice 🤯 are Running wild on the internet. Miss Jacky Oh in DC Young fly met on the wild and Out show and unfortunately after 8 years of being together she decided to go under the knife with a doctor that wasn’t even certified by board by the board of plastic surgeons and didn’t pass the test and the question is why did she go to someone that didn’t have the right credentials it has been a lot of speculation rumors and into window online that have reshaped our thoughts of who DC Young fly is now keep in mind when you listen to this broadcast it’s all allegedly.

DC Young fly called out for treating Miss Jackie o bad on live streams on past videos on their personal YouTube channel.

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Ms Jacky Oh

I’m definitely going to go ahead and give my full review of what I really believe happens and it’s just my own opinion let me know disrespect to her family or those that loved her I just think it’s kind of strange that with all that money that you see young fly has or clout he has an otherwise wouldn’t afford him to care more about what type of person was operating on his baby’s mother, was not actually license which causes people to look at him with a side eye like what’s really going on?

The five things that concern me about this whole situation as follows

Why didn’t anybody research the doctor whether being opened up multiple times he could be one of those fake doctors which in this case he kind of is cuz he’s not certified meaning you’re opening up several areas of the body more than two sides and one area because to concern if she’s allegedly getting her breast done and then also getting her button and the stomach that’s going to be a lot on her body especially after she just had a baby less than one year ago.


The doctor has yet to answer his phone they have been a lot of what YouTube channels calling him and now all of the calls are going to the board of plastic surgery or dermatology in Florida I can’t really tell you exactly what that seems like a fun sleep to me and I’m a little concerned as to why that’s happening?

DC Young fly eulogy was very strange it’s not everyday that you hear a comedian doing but who knows maybe they are just doing what makes them deal with things and a lot of people don’t buy it they don’t like the fact that he’s making jokes at a funeral about having seven more children which is a big cause of concern for those that don’t agree with the way he’s acting but we don’t really know we don’t know why so is it fair for us to say maybe this is just how he is.

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Paperwork party season 4 posted a video today June 12,2023 famous video he called the Hilton Homewood in Miami Florida and the woman hung up on him once he said he was going to Houston chronicle make sure to subscribe to the channel because you also talked to Ms Jackie Oh’s father.

DC Young Fly eulogy he said he’s very spiritual yet he didn’t marry his long time girlfriend. He also told Jacky Oh  I want some, pussy …


I apologize this is what he said so I usually don’t put this type of language on this radio podcast blog but I have to do that because that’s what happened and I didn’t do it this is all out there on line public platform for you to see on YouTube so make sure that you watch the full video.



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Jackie Oh, Probably didn’t want to put that side of yourself out online.

Anyone’s guess is that  he didn’t give a damn and he seemed to not care there’s also another video where he talks about how her breast look like pepperoni pizza at school lunch.


it was really crazy he was  cruel 😞 looking back and makes me kind of sad for her and I didn’t really understand I didn’t know who she was.

I don’t listen to wild and now I never liked the show – I’m not going to hate on it I’m sure it’s pretty funny Truth be told it wasn’t so funny when it when Banks cried on the show after he called her ugly. They think that he was secretly abusive to her and treated her dad and the reason that she had to go get a surgeries cuz she was competing with other women that he was likely sleeping with on the side which comes in the situation for any woman with entertainer actually Derek Jackson.



Kanye West said his mother was sacrificed on TMZ interview It seems to notice or if they did if you notice after that he’s been very very quiet and the doctor that did the procedure told Kanye just tell the truth so what does that mean?

Kanye West mother died in a similar way so that of course the internet is running rampant with a lot of concerns that this is actually a setup and why would she go to a hotel by herself there has been a rumor going around that there were two men that broke through the door we don’t have any evidence of that so we’ll have to wait until there’s a police report comes out.

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