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Wendy’s Williams Staff Call for Replacement of “Wendy” After Nick Cannon has Made the Show Fun!

Staff has not spoken to Wendy in Weeks and fear their employment is at RISK

Story Highlights

  • Wendy Williams Husband is very abusive and controlling
  • Williams, Staff wants Nick Cannon or Jerry O'Connell as a permanent replacement
  • Kevin Hunter has been caught cheating with Sharina Hudson Daily Mail

Wendy Williams cancelled and rescheduled her comeback maybe she will write a book about her  cheating man her staff is upset that Williams, shared the details of her return with Nick Cannon and not her staff who have been with Wendy since the start ..Many others have their doubts, that there will be a big reveal to the public!

This week was the boiling point imagine working for a person for over a decade tabloids come out their man is cheating they cover it up and then faint and take time off then the same time next year the same thing happens again except this time she is in a sling slurring at speech and belching the word on the street was after Wendy fell out her spouse allegedly said to get back out there .. .. Does Wendy Williams husband love her still or is she his sugar mama?

Wendy Williams the queen of shade has her own issues and its really sad to see play out I’ m sure she is just doing her job dishing on the gossip but now that the tables have turned Wendy is quiet all of sudden the timing of the articles and her leave seem to be a pattern – last time  he cheated  that we are aware of was actually the second time she wrote about this in her book as she revealed this to Howard Stern years ago ..


Wendy Williams Delays Show Comeback amidst Husbands Mistress and Pregnancy (Allegedly)
Williams, she said she loves her husband and she loves her on her show showing the ring she likely purchased from her own career she made Kevin a Producer of her show so he has more power than people know …


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The more we hear about the story we find that the leaks are based on her husband who has control over the Wendy in an abusive way. Pearla, Kevin Hunter mother pearl told the Enquirer; her son choke Wendy and throw her down the stairs Wendy has said in the past she does not get along with his mother on National TV  in the past question is why didn’t anyone call the cops?


In the past Kevin Hunter ,  has been said to have  allegedly punched Wendy  Williams in the face at work in the face and also bang her head against the wall we are concerned her staff looked the other way and it is quite strange that Wendy would stand by a man who seems to not cherish her as he should if she is sick and has continued this relationship and now allegedly has a baby on the way we are sure Wendy is devastated.

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Dailymail broke the story of Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson’s ten years adulterous affair, in 2017 and at the end of 2019, it seems the mistress Sharina is allegedly pregnant with Hunter’s child and looks as if he is using the money he mad with Wendy to give the side chick a lifestyle with a rich and married man who won’t leave his wife but according to many news outlets the Queen of Shade is not going to talk about it which we respect in a way but if her spouse is doing this it makes it hard for women to watch the show as she gives advice on other peoples love life, if she is not going to share her own life with her fans sure she can talk about caress soap or air fresheners or eating a sponsors food unlike Joan rivers like Oprah we will just have to watch the blogs and Daily Mail for more tea to Drink.

Nick Cannon a comedian/actor/songwriter and producer of” MTV Wilden Out” and also a staple cast mate he has become the host of Wendy’s show and Like Jerry he is doing a great job!

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 11: (L-R) TV personality Nick Cannon, Moroccan Scott Cannon, singer Mariah Carey and Monroe Cannon at Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards at USC Galen Center on March 11, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Issue is the staff have fell in love with Nick Cannons attitude his plus he is funny and loud and confident Wendy has been belching on-air forgetting her lines and she seems delayed even Oprah in her old age does  not come on air this way if Wendy is sick she needs to find a balance with her medication for her health issues  or her career may be over. Wendy has missed shows since her cheating spouse was caught for the second time publicly and now her staff is calling her a hypocrite being hosts like Nick Cannon to share everything and seem to be loved by the staff and also the audience so the question is what will a girl do?

Nick Cannon has outdone the Queen of Shade 

The staff love Nick Cannon and say he has been a dream to work with and is super professional the stand-in hosts are on air auditions and if Wendy does not return we are sure there will be someone who will step up to the plate.

I would not mind seeing a man or women doing hot topics but to be honest the men who have come on have done great even Don Lemon from CNN he seemed more at ease whereas his shows get a wee to passionate.

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Some people have come for him as a friend to Pete Davidson he is happy that Pete is dating Older women and all of sudden the Ariana Grande fans are mad about it, please! We will report on the Pete Davidson and the mystery lady he may have hooked up with maybe he does need an older woman to take care of his little cute ..

Shady Comments were made in National TV as Nick Cannon was a guest 

Wendy Williams has not returned so Nick Cannon is taking her spot and keeping us entertained. Just a few weeks back he was on her show and she asked about his OOPs Baby maybe its karma cause now Wendy spouse is said to have an oops baby of his own Nick Cannon is a professional he did not let it bother him he did have a good comeback line for Wendy’s antics and then he came to host her show and had no ill will against the comments she made to Cannon during a live taping of the Wendy Williams show.

Who will host Wendy Williams show after this week is over?

You can also expect to see Sherry Shepherd very soon and also Jerry Oconnell will return on Valentines Day we do not think Nick Cannon did a thing wrong he was just doing his job and he hasn’t thrown shade at her for her comments about his new child so he is a good man for being humble and we can’t wait to see the movie he is working on he said he was leaving to shoot a movie in Dubai so expect to see more host’s take Wendy’s place for the next few weeks the show Must Go ON!

According to our source there are staffers calling guest’s who asked for tickets to bring a extra person for the coming weeks as Wendy was spotted in Florida looking disheveled at a grocery store she did not look as if her glam team was with her in her case she may be distraught and heartbroken because of her husbands cheating ways but now will she stand by her cheating man the receipts are worldwide even as far as the UK some people think it is Karma for her trash talking as a Radio Host now talk show host but some say we shouldn’t fight hate with hate so we hope Wendy recovers and comes back to Hot Topix segment but if she does not address what is going on people will lose respect for her.

Wendy Williams second Leave from her Show because of Kelvin Hunter her husband-manager.


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