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Wendy Williams Admits she has been Living In a Sober House

Live on Wendy Williams Show she Claims she had a Secret to REVEAL

Wendy Williams  TV Gossip Talk Show Queen  has been open and up front about her cocaine abuse in the past ,  and according to Daily mail they were just about to publish a story about Wendy and she decided to reveal this secret rather than to be outed by the UK online magazine.

Once the cheating scandal broke Williams keeps going on her show saying it is all good and her man is not going no where but since the last report came out she has been off the air for two months .

Williams,  mother -in – law  Pearl  Hunter mother allegedly  said Wendy, was being abused according to the National Enquirer tabloid magazine even though people do not like them like TMZ sometimes the story’s are true.. just look at the story about( Katelyn) Bruce Jenner.

It is sad because this is a family . Kevin is a man who seems to not care too much about his wife  well being  Kevin Hunter   who is solely employed by the success of his wife without Wendy he would not be able to put his mistress through Massage Therapy school Kevin has also put Sharina in a house near his home with Wendy and is moving her out of the area for her safety.

Question is why doesn’t he just leave … Why has he chosen to live a double life and hurt Williams most men just move on either shit or get off the pot.

Is it all the women fault no who wouldn’t want to have a young pretty thing around the corner either male or female but is it worth it ?


Plenty of men who have it like that have side pieces tucked away the benefit to the women is that he will leave the wife for them and they feel that is okay because he didn’t love his wife so the women who engage in this type of relationship should understand it may not work out long term especially when he depends on the money made from his counterpart who may be rich famous or just well off women should think twice about breaking up marriages to get what they want –its money prestige ,vacations ,shopping sprees jewelry or trips it seems odd another women would take photos with a man who is married and doesn’t have any shame about being the side- piece.


During her live taping she revealed the Hunter line which was opened a week ago will help place people who need a place to live to get sober and she claims she has not lived at home for a while .

According to our last post we were aware of the cheating and Yes Wendy claims she is still married to Kelvin Hunter not Kevin Hunter allegedly .. his name is not as we know it.Wendy has always said she is standing by her man but if your not home how would you know ?

Mistress, Sharina Hudson has not come forward for comment but we are aware that Wendy will not be speaking about this on her show some speculate this relapse is because of Kevin her husband cheating twice publicly and unlike Khloe Kardashian Wendy doesn’t want to move on.Being a hot topic herself  seems strange but Wendy is funding his lifestyle Kevin is doing what he wants to do while Wendy looks like a fool to her fans and her views having been declining it is sad but if you can dish it out you got to learn to take it!

Williams insisted that it was all lies about Sharina .. but now we feel for her

The Juice is Wendy already knew about Sharina when her and Kevin go on vacay she is nearby and she also is on vacation now … with Kevin Hunter as Wendy is struggling to keep her sanity it seems she has been not herself since the news broke last year no women should stay in a toxic relationship, especially if she is funding his lifestyle.

Do you Think it is Healthy to allow your partner to cheat on you if your seeing anyone else ?

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