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Full Break Down of What Happened with Rapper Cardi B and Drama Reporter Tasha K

Youtube Channel “Seven Stars” had a long, long, long,¬† ūüė≥10-hour live stream and people came in to hear all tea what a lot of people were¬† there to hear about a separate incident involving Tasha K. who has been known to spill a lot of tea most notably, her Kerry Kelly Interview” R . Kelly’s real brother child and also she interviewed Jocelyn Savage one of R Kellys Lovers,¬† the late herbalist/ healer Dr. Sebi’s family and even one of the member of Jagged Edge, so if anyone wanted to sue.. than why haven’t the others come forward to prosecute for defamation of character.

Cardi B. Threatens to SUE Un -wine -with- Tasha -K on IG
Source Unwhine with Tasha K right Cardi B Left has served the Youtuber with a subpoena

It’s rumored a process server came to Tasha K’s Georgia home with papers in hand to serve from Cardi B’s camp to appear in court.

According to TMZ¬† Tasha must have been looking out the window like sisterhood eye and spotted looking in her mailbox allegedly¬† this is not verified– the man was in her mailbox looking inside and she went off and told him to get away from her mailbox according to USPS no one is allowed to touch a mailbox¬† unless it the person who’s named shows who lives at the address in question or -is a mailman from USPS and it is crime to open a mailbox so stop looking people its a crime.

The server assures her he didn’t do anything illegal, but Tasha wasn’t having it.

For the record, Cardi’s suing Tasha — and another blogger,¬†Starmarie Ebony Jones¬†— for defamation, and¬†wants their video posts¬†about her deleted.


Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)
Source Vevo Please me Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B

Least we know for sure,¬† now that the process server has done his job the court battle¬† Tasha K vs Cardi B , will begin and it seems strange to me that Tasha K would be involved in a lawsuit sure some people dislike her — some say she makes up stories for views but the interview with¬† Star Marie is what got Cardi Upset. How can she sue a person like Tasha K isn’t this beneath her our answer is YES!

The interesting theme in all this is, that¬† regular people get to make a living online reporting gossip rumors and a little commentary instead of the creator working for a network you own your own so its a great way to develop yourself online and build an audience –Youtube has changed the playground has changed not only for indie artists but also major artist’s actors and many other categories of niches that have communities who love the regular joe shmoe¬† content but what that being said the celebrity’s like Cardi B, has never loved the bloggers this week she made a disgusting comment about the shade room and said the editor was ugly and she was a water buffalo and was very¬† tasteless and has many even me wondering who does Cardi B think she is stopping bags with #MuteBlack Bloggers hashtag¬† ?


Just a month ago she was outed for doping and robbing, men who thought they were paying for sex isn’t that illegal except in Las Vegas?


Dear Cardi B,

Youtubers are not allowed to post artists music due to copyright issues and at the end of the day, you have a publicist who should be screening your IG account and Twitter it’s not necessary to get on your page daily and run your mouth. Sure your success now and it is stressful I’m sure but …why to give the energy of negativity all the time and expect things to be peachy cream as an entertainer you should ignore the lies but take responsibility for your words and actions as well as your reactions.

Playing the victim is not going to work for you at all … please stop acting like people are stalking your friends and associates maybe they want to tell your tea this is how the industry works and you know this!

No one has time to sue everyone ever said something bad about them or the world would be full of cases you have made Tasha K famous just for taking her to court.

No one cares if you have an alleged disease –our establishment would never post such a thing — what do you seek to accomplish with this legal stunt?

Have a great day and get a new team!

Radiotubetv Staff




Moving on!

Youtubers do not work with the music industry and never likely will base on their monetize everything attitude when channels like Vlad TV had Cardi on their channel Vlad asked the questions and she even then ran her mouth about her past as a stripper any chance she could for  CLOUT she knew then as she knows now she has millions watching her, even so, more now not to get on Cardi B but has her publicist told her less is more.


Cardi seems to have¬† in an inner battle within no money prestige will fill the void she has and maybe fame doesn’t help but let’s be honest no one is perfect but why would you put your business in the streets and sue one person when A LOT of rumors have been swirling on Youtube and also on podcasts around the Us of A.


Tasha K, has been¬† served with court subpoena ūüė¨to appear before a Judge about the Cardi B Herpes accusations and that Cardi B was on drugs since that time the Surviving Cardi B Hashtag went viral and she also has had her struggles online with men and women but the same common dominator is that Cardi claims that Tasha K defamed her character Tasha K has not backed down from the lawsuit because she claims she is not scared of Cardi B.


Tasha K on TMZ cardi b made her famous !
Cardi and Tasha K are going to court  photo by TMZ screen shot of site

At the same time as a non-tv network supported content creators, we all should be careful of what we say online whether small or large it can come back on you. All it takes is reading the ethics of journalism and proper wording in your commentary and text. It will protect you/content creators, in doing business online we are subscribers of Unwine channel and we like her content just as much as cardi when she is funny, our site believes in fact-checking and making sure we are transparent it is hearsay or rumor.


A few months ago the rapper attempted to send a cease and desist to the channel owner of Unwine Youtube channel, Tasha K has now been seen to be a leader in the Drama channel sector even though she has not been around as long as lovely ti  who has a different approach to gossip and there is no comparison because Tasha K has interviewed people in the music industry and hot topics host Wendy Williams ex-husbands boy toy Aveon Falstar who accuses Kevin of using a record deal to lore him to have sexual relations as a  basis to get signed Hunter denies any involvement from Falstar and claims he is just trying to get paid.


What do you believe¬† ūüßź¬†do you think Cardi B has a strong case call us to leave a message or comment below!




Unwine with Tasha K
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