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Trick Daddy Saids Black Women Need to Tighten UP

News Update Trick Daddy Caught ON Camera Pushing a Women (Video)

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  • Trick Daddy claims Black Women need to tighten up
  • Trick Daddy vs Beyonce and Jay-Z
  • Trick Daddy Assaults Women Caught on Video Pushing Women Twitter

Rapper Trick Daddy has been on social media and lately he has been saying a lot of things that have been controversial about black women, without getting personal.


I like many, tried to over look his imperfections his lupus and his declined in the looks department he is not a ugly man to many but how he presents his opinions are totally wrong he acts like he doesn’t care what people think and it shows.

Trick Daddy had a rant were he said black women need to tighten up and claimed black women are the last on his list because Latina’s  and other races are looking just as good these days and that is fine but to act as if other women do not wear wigs and lace-fronts is a stretch.  Honestly it is a manner of preference and opinion and no one can take that from anyone now we all know if he wasn’t rich no one would care and he he would be irrelevant, some say he already is ..


In a recent video online he was caught pushing a women after he had some advances and seems to say in the video ” I paid your way guess Trick Daddy Dollars didn’t get the memo that just cause you pay for something doesn’t mean they owe you anything guess he is a “Trick’ and that’s why his name is Trick Daddy!

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