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Tommi Roman Defends Nene Leakes After Vivica Fox Expoze on FOX SOUL

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Tami Roman was not there for the antics of Vivica Fox when Claudia Jordan, Selena Johnson, and Vivica Fox spoke about the Real Housewives Reunion show during the conversation on live the ladies conversation was interrupted by Vivica when she shaded the RHOA of ATL saying Sorry, We respect our sisters on this show!

After that Vivica asked if the reason for Nene going to Rehab was to get dried out because she had a cocaine problem not that she was under stress from the show at all.

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The aftermath was not so great for Nene Leakes who has been named the mean girl but reality tv by nature allows each person to go each other necks producers are known to lure the reality tv start to beef up a scene according to Roman who has starred on Basketball Wives reality show for over a decade did say it does affect your mental health because in regular life you would not care how people see you but on TV, there are so many opinions and not only that there are trolls who say things that hurt you as a person we often forget it it’s just entertainment it is a show and all people who engage in these shows are still people.


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Nene Leakes has made a lot of money from The Real Housewives of Atlanta she is said to be the highest-paid she also did not like the repeat questions at the reunion. Instead of black women going at one another there should be common respect but at the same time was Vivica respectful no one asked her for the alleged Drug use of Ms. Leakes, and if she is going through a drug problem why is that showing respect when no one asked for that opinion or rumor?

Vivica Fox Networth according to states the actress is worth 6 Million dollars does she really have time for this petty feud with Nene and Kenya Moore?

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Nene Leakes as of recent was talked about by Wendy saying she ambushed her on Facetime but many believe that Wendy was wrong for saying that Nene was slumming it on the reality tv show RHOA of ATL again she could have told her story and that was that but it seems this is a common issue with some women who feel threatened or feel that Ms. Leakes is not worth all the fuss.

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Vivica Fox has a new show she has created for TV and she is an executive producer for reality TV shows as a black woman myself I feel there should be aa since of unity where is Queen Latifah when you need her?

It is a shame that black people are not like other cultures who seem to care about how their race will be seen by the other why is as rich as Vivica is and successful she was “Independence Day” starring with Will Smith she also went on to star in a role with actor  Larenz Tate in the movie ” Why Do Fools Fall in Love” and she dated 50 cents which did not work out but she has been catty with women like Kenya Moore and now Nene Leakes who both are at odds.




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