Tommi Lahren Speaks on Cardi b and Gets Shutdown on Twitter

#GovermentShutdown has lasted for 31 days and counting Tommy Lahren tried to come for #CardiB #TrevorNoah also made light of the shut down on the daily show.

Lahren did not back down and got dragged online for real maybe she will stay in her lane from now on this is not Charlemagne the God or the Breakfast club but either way Tomi Loren has always been a trump supporter mos to the Republicans will back their choice no matter how bad he fails the American public Loren seems to also back the him after the Shutdown over a wall that has lasted 31 days and counting affecting 800K federal workers and bad part is it does not affect all people but it is scary because Trump has ordered them back to work with no pay…

Trevor Noah show was front and center to talk about the shutdown amidst the scandal of Palosi trip shutdown by President Donald Trump more on this story today @9pm!

Lahren took to IG when she saw ya girl Cardi B trending and going viral in her lane and decided to say that Cardi B was the moron and she just gets online and rants and doesnt make sense then she got dragged and to be honest we never liked Tommi Laren so we were not surprised.. she came for Cardi B she is a clout chaser.

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