Tom Cruise’s  Scientology

Tom Cruise and Scientology is well weird a lot of people have said he is strange not because of the religion but as a person he has people who have been around this church cult  who say the same.

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His whole life is ruled by it even the cause of his divorce and separation from Katie and Suri is because of Scientology.

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Ron Hubbard

Tom Cruise is sucessful but what in the world does he think will happen when his fame fades and he has no family around him he knows him and loves him ?
This is why! it is a Cult to be completely transparent. Even though he is strange he has never had controversy

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Tom is way to MI6 for that he looks amazing and still covets large roles in the movie business it is super strange to see that he allegedly has no contact with his daughter or maybe that’s just rumor.

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Tom is still looking quite attractive even if he is 50 years of age,now he has started his own church and people are looking at him as if he has fallen off his rocker.


He has named his new Church after himself Cruiseology…spooky want to see what he is teaching take peak …

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