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Tiny Goes to War with TI

Tiny Tameka Harris is going to war now so the family hustle has changed drastically 
Now we are on Tiny side of course. Now lets just say its not T.I. year he is having a bad year thus far i feel that it is not right to just put your girl on blast in public he has been talking about her in interviews as if he is not wrong for what he did….

Think about it this way his side chicks need to put respect on Tameka’s  name !

It is hard to work with your spouse on the same job but i want to know were the bible is for this man he may be rich but the ethics are not there. Many rappers singers and entertainment do not have rules i knew when i saw tiny showing up at the concerts it would not be long. It was hard to say when it would happen because men should not be allowed to just do any female when they want how they want listen to his raps he basically tells you in a few sentences he is still a fly boy running around doing what he wants. Although we see now why TI was so mad at Floydd !

Tiny is not a has been she is writer a businesswomen a singer she has  a beautiful voice 
Escape was a powerhouse group in the late 90’s tiny was the doing her thing.T.I was icing on the cake at first but now it’s war of the roses and who knows what will happen next.

There is a girl a video chic who has come between of them at the same time we have to consider the so called KING thinks he is King Solomon with many lovers from what we heard from the streets he was not faithful and he is also getting the sinners judgement.
Not to mention the Tupac outfit blow the internet up. Tiny took a charge for her man she was Bonnie and he was Clyde. Why cant a man be thankful for millions of dollars and a beautiful, successful wife who can make business moves with you and have WORLD WIDE SHOW !

Safari came at him on Hip Hop squares..Also  off the air !

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