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T.I. Goes off on Criticizing … Tupac Tribute TI Dressed like Pac !

T.I Multi Platinum Rapper said “You unhappy about what I had on  “

The rapper dressed up for a tribute concert performance and appearance. This was about a year ago this is our Throwback news edition!



Using the F-bomb a few times—- hey this is how he talks no pun intended he claims he was just letting them haters know that they are young and ignorant and do not know a thing about what Pac or what happened in that time.


TI even said he will show up on their aunties house no action  from the poster  people with empty …. opinions Internet gangsta’s who cant back it up radio silence after T.i counteracted😂

I personally think it was cool in comical kind of way…

Maybe this generation is not into people dressing up like 2Pac

it was seen as a waist trainer by Bosco but he also said it just was the wrong outfit ..i might wear the same outfit lets see if people make fun of me..The outfit looked nice to us but hey people will always troll.

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