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Thomas Markle Betrays His Daughter Again With 9 Hour Interview On TV!

Being related to a Royal pays who’s Cashing in ?

?Meghan’s,Dad is getting His Money and it is a shame Duchess Meghan his daughter will pay the royal price with her reputation that is….. of her father.

Is there any shame for her father at all he last was caught up in a scandal where Samantha the other sister who is evil and wanted to come up on Meghan wrote a book Pushy Princess which has become a moniker for the duchess.

Why has, Meghan ‘s family acted this way?

Maybe it was because she has not spoke to them in years and now she is the most popular women in the world. It could be because Samantha and Thomas Jr are jealous and bitter their dad loved Meghan more than them based on their own observation he left their mother to pursue, Hollywood dreams and he did accomplish it.

Meghan nationality alone and her being american has caused such an uproar that it is a shame her mother sat alone at the wedding and her father was not there to walk her down the aisle due to health problems.

The only one who-has acted correctly is her mother Dora so hey kudos for her mom for understanding it’s not about her some say Meghan is being back-lashed by the-Queen due to her sibling unrest but is it her fault no sometimes royals need to be human.
They even has strict rules about what to wear what to say how to smile as fake as you can of course she is not allowed to vote she is not allowed to wear certain colors on her nails and the list keeps going.
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