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The Rise of Independent Superstars in Music

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The rise of indie musicians who have made a name for themselves in music
there are some dark areas of the music industry and unfortunately we seen the TLC story we also seen what happened with New Edition. The trend we see in both is that the gatekeeper was the reason someone could be on top one minute and gone the next based on a choice to play the game or just be played out of the music. 

Now it is easy to upload a song on your desktop the convenience of all of this causes chaos for the music industry musicians have numerous outlets to syndicate their own songs the disconnect for some is not active promotion and advertising at first this seems to some as pay to play ….

The rise of indie superstars happened with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift Drake the Weekend and also Nicky Minaj to name a few there will be more the ways we connect with a fan to an artist are instant the problem is like and trust is hard to achieve with out a musicians building a platform they can use to engage like You Tube Facebook groups Google plus and also Reddit.  

The tools are there and also the challenge of Record Labels is that internet killed record labels control over the artist across the board not matter if your a major or a independent 
the tools are at masses disposal with the increase of cellphone tablet users. The issue now for the major labels is the artist does need them but its not a must after an artist is out of contract they can leave and be richer without the label taking a cut of half of the pie they are like a bank that finances a career now we all can access the same tools MTV is You tube your newspaper is social media and blogs. 

Video ads are the key for social engagement live streams are offered with one thousands subs so how can you achieve this ?

  • Paid advertisements to subscribe to gain access to monthly contest’s video social posts use soundcloud Pro account watch this video before you create a sound cloud account. 
  • Daily weekly blogging create a local tickets site for local events help other local artists to perform and also create a music magazine vlog or blog.
  • Post 80/20 rule don’t spam the hell out of people 
  • Create a Music Video
  • Learn Marketing create a three person team publisher promoter and management to be successful.
There are so many ways an artist can use social media and promotion online our radio station provides a place to be heard be non musicians new feature to mass post a link Free tools offered to registered users. 
Guest posting is also a way to get your name out there we have publishers who create five press releases per month integrating a story in a meaningful message at the same time we have our own advertising so we offer artist commercials interviews live shows daily on our radio station from our home studios. Our goal is to have a station each city for each local artist so we use these same tools to find our next dj we offer sites that teach how to podcast to train and retain 
Ebook coming Soon Music Keys to Success 
The book will provide actionable steps to making $$ online with your music

New ! Free podcast episode : How to promote Your Music Online
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