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The Real Reason Tori Lanez Shot Meg the Stallion in the Foot – Radiotubetv
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The Real Reason Tori Lanez Shot Meg the Stallion in the Foot

Tori Lanez sent a text message to Megan stating he was drunk and he was sorry that happened to Meg the stallion and he did say he felt bad and he genuinely got too drunk. The sad part is the rapper did not publicly say a thing about the event and now the text message was leaked to TMZ.


Many people are concerned that the recent ex boyfriend meghan had in the past came out and said someone he was dating had a substance abuse problem and was violent Meg the stallion has already admitted her ex boyfriend reveraled at South by southwest he had another women pregnant and well let Meghan tell you in her own words watch our news broadcast to learn more.

The bad part is if this is true why does he have a gun out while he was drunk now the streets are not feeling Tori Lanez and he is a known women abuser allegedly. I hope she does not date another man who does this again this is some crazy stuff that happened it does bring more attention because she is famous.

The truth is Meghan the Stallion is more successful than he is so maybe he was just mad about the fact she said or did something he did not agree with but why shoot the girl many believe Tori Lanez had a small mans complex and this is why he shot her too much women for him i guess but there is no excuse for a anyone to shoot someone because they want to exit your vehicle.

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