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The Real Reason The Rock and Tyrese and Vin Deisel Have Beef

The Real Reason Vin Diesel Doesn’t Like the Rock Johnson

Let’s start this story off by saying the feud between Dwayne Rock Johnson and Vin Diesel was a big surprise because as we all know they are rich famous and have co-starred on a few movies together, so when Dwayne Rock Johnson transitioned from wrestling to being a top paid star in action films and also voice over in Moana he has also starred in Disney family movies and the Blockbuster Hit Jumanji 1 &2 so we all know he has been a major success.


Vin Deisel had established Fast in a Furious with actors like Tyrese Ludacris and Paul Walker who later died in a freak accident in his new Lamborgini. Now due to the declined of the movie franchise Fast and the Furious Dwayne the Rock Johnson was called in to help boost the popularity for the advancement of the franchise. Diesel has also starred in other movies along the way that have been successful he felt he found his niche from dungeons and dragons nerd to top-paid action star he felt that he was the patriarch of the fast and furious.



Why Tyrese Can’t Stand the Rock

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Tyrese had a video where he went viral crying hysterically and saying he wanted his baby most thought he had a mental breakdown later he admitted he was off of psych medication so his behavior and mental health was not at up to parr but even after the fact he held strong to his disdain for the Rock maybe it had to do with the video he was in were The Rock said Black Rose is a piece of Dogg shit!



All the Beef was off the record, Tyrese said that he does not get million-dollar movies like Will Smith and the Rock he claims he had also turned down the movies he was offered because he did not want to be selfish and make the decade franchise of the Fast and the Furious about him later the Rock went on to Hobbs and Shaw but this was the reason there was beef because the Rock just got on the franchise and now he took the offer based on his own ability to do more than one million dollar movie per year.

Ludacris Speaks on Tyrese on the Breakfast Club…

896856-1438421462Tyrese went on to say “I thought he had more integrity” than he did and was disappointed in the move the Rock made.

Tyrese was also on air on dish nation saying he was offered a spin-off with Ludacris and Tyrese was not officially offered a movie as a spin-off. Ludacris was not on board with the anger and frustration were misguided he also went to say that he went to Tyrese and told him he was giving the rock too much credit he should direct his focus on the other people involved in financing and keeping the franchise alive and keeping it strong means allowing other actors to do a spin-off.


The issue is the 5 Milion Will Smith never gave him he went to say he spoke with Jada Pinkette, not Will Smith the story has changed, and then he said he was having a break down because of the medication and that he may have not seen things clearly.

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