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The Game Tell ALL on Kim Kardashian on His New Track

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The Game Tell ALL on Kim Kardashian on His New Track


The Game is at it again he is speaking on Kim-ye and honestly its seems tacky she is what she is but in many peoples eyes they do not care about what Kim Kardashian did or didn’t do.

The new track can be heard here we will be speaking on this on our podcast later as we recap daily news and some commentary.

Kanye knew that he loved Kim even though she had a sex tape but each time he goes someplace he has to see the men she slept with and now people are making songs about her is also an opinion of her being a loose women. it is a biased opinion that men can have as many women as he wants and hes a player or a pimp and its okay.


Is it publicity or is he keeping it real or not ? The Game also spoke on having her sister Khloe but he is married to another women so why does he care about the Kardashian’s? Kanye has made records with The Game in the past before he had a break down.

After Kim had a baby she still does the photos and some people love and hate it but to be honestly everyone has a past so why is Game talking about this all these years later ?


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