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2023 Best DNA test Kits

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The Booming Ancestry DNA Testing Market: Which Company Is Right For You?

Ancestry and genealogy DNA testing has exploded in popularity in recent years. As of 2022, more than 40 million people worldwide have taken an at-home ancestry DNA test. With the market projected to exceed $10 billion by 2027, competition is fierce among testing companies to sign up new customers. If you’re considering an ancestry DNA test, how do you decide which company is best for your needs and budget? We break down the pros and cons of the top 5 biggest players in the ancestry testing space.


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– Large database with over 12 million testers makes it easy to connect with relatives
– Provides interesting health and trait reports in addition to ancestry
– Frequent sales drop kit price to $99

– Primary focus is on health, less detailed ancestry breakdowns
– Smaller percentage of international buyers limits matches outside U.S.


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– Largest customer database with over 20 million users aids cousin matches
– Useful family tree building and record hints to aid genealogy research
– Advanced regions and migratory path reporting

– Most expensive testing kit at $99-$109 when not on sale
– Interface and DNA tools best for serious hobbyist genealogists

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MyHeritage DNA

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– Access to massive database of over 6 billion historical records
– DNA matching includes possible relatives based on shared ancestors
– Low introductory price of $59

– Fewer DNA tester numbers limits relative matches
– Basic ancestry reports lack depth of competitor products




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– Offers Y-DNA and DNA testing for direct paternal and maternal lines
– Useful tools for advanced analysis of matches and chromosome browser
– Sales drop kit prices to $59

– Smaller database under 2 million testers limits DNA matches
– Primarily attracts serious genealogist hobbyists


Living DNA

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– Unique breakdown showing ancestry percentages across 80 worldwide regions
– Advanced matching looks for shared segments on all pairs of chromosomes
– Low price of $99

– Very small database limits ability to connect with relatives
– Health reports require uploading data to third-party interpreter

The ancestry DNA testing market has expanded at astounding rates, allowing consumers access to a wealth of genealogical and genetic insights once only available to academics and scientists. While no company is perfect across all dimensions, evaluating your priorities for ancestry matching, health analysis, price, and depth of genealogical tools can help determine the right test kit for your specific needs and curiosity about your family history.

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