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Takeoff Death Investigation Update: Houston Authorities Arrest Lil CAM Mobb Ties ..

Mobb ties affiliate arrested in Houston On 11/25/2022
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Houston Texas -Migos Rapper Takeoff murder suspect Lil Cam the goon that allegedly shot Take Off has said to be arrested in connection to the murder of rapper Ki snick Khari Ball whom was shot at a Bowling alley in Houston. The Migos group member was with his group member Quavo and there was a disagreement them shots rang out. Quality controls CEO, Pierre was said to be close to Takeoff and his mother who reported she felt she was being isolated said that she is scared for her life, the Prince Family made a tribute with their name some say a sign of disrespect.

Stay Away from Houston and Do not Check in With Mobb Ties

Behind the scenes with Houston rap royalty, the Prince family | Dazed


Some of the stories just as it happened TMZ had he footage and clearly showed the rapper dead on the ground and the video also showed the shooter who was named Lil Cam from 5th ward. The fact that J Prince Sr came out writing a post seem to make things worse some may like J Prince but many do not like the character of his son James Prince Jr whom discovered Drake and seems to hold a great deal of presence in the rap game managing artist.


JAS PRINCE & J PRINCE JR Snap It Up @ RAP-A-LOT Dinner [Exclusive Unreleased Footage] 1080p 60fps - YouTube



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James Prince Jr, helped start Quality Control and has been consulting with the label of course he has pull in the business side of things, of course there are many who do not like that now that the ish has hit the fan more about the mystery of the Boogie Man in Houston is coming out!





Why has there not been any reports on the Take OFF death Investigation?


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The Police Chief came out to announce at the Bowling Alley to keep shopping he didn’t seem to care about the city feeling unsafe when a man was just shot down, in a public venue rented for a purpose of a private party. Wack 100 was vocal the entire time about what time the Prince family may be on stating they are working with the Feds, just a week ago many reporting that Lil Cam was gunned down which was a lie then we hear today he was allegedly arrested will be be talking or staying quiet when he will likely face Life in Prison for the death of Take Off aka Kirsnick Khari Ball, who was just 28 years old, some  say he may have children floating around some say he is childless.

Offset Drops Out of Boston Show Following Takeoff's Death

The rap game has changed from feel good Hip Hop to Gangster rap and now Drill music, many of the rappers are seen with 666 sign and use a lot of symbolism and messages in their music. Beyoncé and Kanye and Jay seem to use esoteric messages and images and no one seems to notice besides some of the fans so when a celebrity dies we start to think if it was a death by accident or a sacrifice. The idea that there is a actual deal with the devil makes you wonder why some of the biggest super stars like Led Zeppelin said he made a deal with the man who controls everything well lets Justas for his god he or she  serves.


Quality Control accused of alleged Freemasonry Illuminati Sacrifice  Ritual or Robbery Gone Wrong

Quavo, Takeoff & YoungBoy Never Broke Again – To The Bone Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Rapalot has been quiet although many fans want to see the murderer behind bars, the idea that 40 people where there and no one seemed to answer at the time many said they where hiding Lil Cam at the ranch or their private island .J Prince did make a statement they cannot hide behind him, and the truth is some say it was a set up from the start and some say it was a unfortunate situation,


Migos' rapper Takeoff allegedly killed by accident during a game of dice at bowling alley | Marca

After the death of Take off there has been strange tweets by the alleged shooter who is the goon for James Prince Jr. he said Better Behave When you Come to Houston..

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Later fans and onlookers noticed he has had previous beef with the Migos because of a post from a girl who was hanging with Takeoff the night of stating he wanted to leave due to the energy of Lil Cam in the text he said I don’t think one they guys don’t like us and as it comes out it was Lil Cam he could be seen in the images online looking at Quavo with a smirk.


WACK 100 TOLD US THE FEDS IS COMING FOR MOBB TIES there will be A Sweep Very soon… 

Lil Cam5th The Yellow Hoodie GOON Is Implicated In The MURDER Of Migo Rapper TAKE OFF ! - YouTube

Takeoff was not  first man killed during a trip to Houston weeks before Duke the Jeweler, whom was down there with Boosie and Mobb ties and their affiliate’s was also killed also he was robbed at the same time. After the death of Duke it is unknown why the Migos group was in Houston was it to partner on a new deal or just hang out?

Migos: albums, songs, playlists | Listen on Deezer


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