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Stolen Plane In Seattle Crash Prompts Airport Security Concerns

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An airline employee unauthorized take off from a Seattle Airport  for some reason he decided he was going to fly the plane and he actually accomplished take off and flew for an hour.

It is said he was a avid gamer and flew the plane solo and later crashed and landed and died shortly after.


“If this pilot, instead of doing what he ended up doing, had wanted to crash the airplane into downtown Seattle, the fighter (jets) were not going to be able to stop him; air traffic control was not going to stop him,” Green said. “This has to be a major, major issue.”

The FBI regional Seattle office who has led the investigation has stated the act was not considered terrorism but the whole thing seems surreal being no one died that was a act of god itself.

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The employee has been at his position for more than 3 years, went thru the extensive background check and had the credentials and clearance to work for Alaska airlines  the thing people are concerned with is that when you are  going to working  for the company but who is to say a background check, can check a mans daily mental stability ?


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What happened the day of the terrible act of his own account he moved the plane with a vehicle and did this all on purpose as if it was planned. The fact of the matter is were was security why was here there by himself able to take off this means more focus on the ground should be paramount and no one saw a thing is amazingly unbelievable.

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