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Rob Kardashian with Alexis Skye on Instagram COOKING | IG LIVE!

Rob Kardashian was at his house with Alexxis Skye on Instagram Blac Chyna puts out a PSA that Alexis will never meet Dream Kardashian? Blac Chyna has also been at a party the night before were she tried to fight Alexis Skye at a house party guess she did not like her at Rob Kardashian house making mac and cheese and chicken she kinda burned it but thats okay she looked happy and humble at robs house Blac Chyna is clearly jealous.Alexis knew rob before Blac Chyna.Blac Chyna Boyfriend Kid Buu Says Alexis Skyy Rob Kardashian Relationship Is A Clone but the issue is the guys speaking is not on the same level as Chyna.

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