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Remy Ma Lyrically Destroys Nicki Minaj with her New Release Shether

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Remy Ma is doing  it this year named Best Female Rapper 

The Streets are talking and tbe Barbs are not happy sorry but it’s undeniable talent 
seems Miss Remy Ma is the real Baddest Chick while fake rappers like Jocelyn Hernandez think they are doing it this is true talent and Remy came for blood on Shether .

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There has been a update in this saga with Nicki Minaj and Remy ma its not like I did not expect this but hey this is the Rap Game you have to earn the crown not just say you have it because you have more sales than the next artist . This was the only response Nicki has had since Ether.

“Shether “is the response to the last mixtape in the female Rap game 
is hard to keep the name when even Lil Kim was disrespected by Nicky Minaj and its hard for people to say that the last record was also about
Nicki Make Love Record coming at Remy Ma why did she do this we dont know 

You Cant Get online with Safaree 

                                        By: Remy Ma  

The Streets are saying this disqualifies Nicky as a Rapper with written bars 
Pop singer /rapper Remy also had a call from  Nicky prior Remy , she also told her We should all be the best 

Remy has been locked up and came out swinging so hey who could blame her
the difference is respect this is the reason Karma has come for Nicki she all in Miley face at the awards but now when it is someone who really will fight crickets……..

Fat Joe the Lox and a few others have spoke on this feud a lot of people do not care or feel Remy should leave Nicki alone.because Nicky threw shots on the make love record. 

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