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Remy Ma in Hot Water After Popping Brittany Taylor LHHNY In the Eye

Remy Ma Arrested LHHNYC Cast Mates Accusations She Assaulted her ALLEGEDLY

Remy Ma has now turned herself in for allegedly hitting Brittany Taylor but the issue is there’s more to the story than Ms. Taylor has said…

Remy Ma in court about Lhhh assault accusations 2019

Could this be a Jussie Smollett Hoax again well we did catch wind that the story may be false so let’s now review the events that bring us to the point we are now…



Love and Hip Hop a Mona Scott Production if your not aware Mona Scott is an old manager in the industry and she worked on Violater Records with Busta  Rhymes.

Now the young chicks feel some type, of way not all but even Cardi b account was hacked and she claims she did not post anything Remy was in jail in the past for shooting her best friend mistakes are made and she has shown she has changed sometimes we don’t know the detail’s and as reporters on Radiotube tv we do not makeup news.

Also, there was the Nicky Minaj thing that did not go well so no one can fuck with Remy Lyrically  I’m sorry Nicky Minaj is good she has money made millions in this time you need the machine behind you and with money being made in fashion commercials movies and also endorsements it was not the same playing ground. Brittany has always had an issue with Remy, instead of trying to best friends with Remy she wanted to be friends with her stepdaughter.

Papoose and Remy are great couple they are like the Pepper and Treach of this era and to be honest they are a cute couple.

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