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R&B Singer Linked with Jada Pinkette Smith August Alsina Came Out of the Closet

August Alsina who said he loved Jada so much has now come out as a man in love with another man. Many think its just a friendship truth is does it matter well many believe he has always been bisexual and he has come out now cause he has to live his truth. I personally feel no one is surprised he has come out of the closet.

I feel like August has changed. it concerned me that instead of focusing on his music he puts out a lot of personal details that should be left to imagination course when your a attention seeker you do not see the error.

August Alsina Finds Love In a New Place; Meet Zu [Photos]

Will Smith unraveled on the Red Table Talk Interview as his wife aired their dirty laundry on the world wide web, it was apparent to us all Jada is wearing the pants in this marriage Will was raised by his mother who was abused by his father so he has more of a beta approach to his marriage and Jada as made him talk about this fling with her pretty young thing August to its Limits!

August Alsina has Been Outed for Sleeping with the Whole Smith Family!

August needs to get back to making music now if he does what kind of music will he make now will it be LGBTQ+ or what kind of music will it be? I am all for living your truth but to an extent it can over for making music for the ladies now that we are privy to his  truth.

August Alsina has been vocal still talking like he is high on something who am I to judge he just doesnt make sense it is not about his sexual preference it is about him having no shame just like Jada all for attention and it hurts me to say after the song he made about Jada Entanglements he lost me as a fan, stop it your oversharing we already knew you where not a heterosexual male if you came with Jaden Smith.

August Alsina Receiving Social Media Support After Shocking Reveal about Coming Out as Gay

August Alsina has now come out as a Gay Man on the Surreal Life Many wonder if he has slept with Will Jada and Jaden Smith things are not as they seem with August as he cursed out Keke Palmer on Twitter…



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I think Jada new name is Jezebel, she has no shame and she has whored herself to the world even a white women was appalled of her comfort and talking bad about Will Smith no accountability of the narrative she has bestowed upon us as if she is showing us how to live she should have more respect for herself she is a stunningly beautiful women a mother and a wife and should have more respect sure I am no saint and I cannot judge to hard i am more of less disappointed she would tell on herself and put her self out there as a women who didn’t want to marry Will and then she said she didn’t break up a b marriage when he divorced his first wife then married Jada Pinkette his first born son Trey Smith is a spitting image of Will Smith. his ex wife is beautiful and she is respectful to Will more than Jada is…

August Alsina Reveals The Person Who's Teaching Him About Love

Jada , thought it was cool in a way it only showed us she has no shame in her game she wanted the world to know she cheated on Will Smith with a younger man who would tell the world about her private sex life outside the marriage as  the Smiths where separated at the time finding what makes them happy according to Will that does not mean with August Alsina.

Is it worth to  risk it all Jada she did say she didn’t want to get married to Will Smith her agents and  d staff and likely her mother felt the marriage would be great for her, I didn’t see love in her eyes as she talked of William Smith as a man not the entertainer actor the man!


August Alsina Reveals Man Who's Teaching Him About Love And Healing - Blavity News

Will is no angel he claims he has cheated on his wife, and if you do not remember her and Marc Anthony where in the headlines on the show Hawthorne she was kissing and groping on him so good that the show was canceled.

The Surreal Life Reality TV Show

August Alsina & Tamar Braxton Share On How They Leaned On Each Other While Filming 'The Surreal Life'

August Alsina has been viral for his coming out and his rant at Dennis Rodman Ex NBA player now Reality TV member of the Surreal Life where celebrities and influencers all under the same roof.

Howard Stern slams August Alsina for talking Jada Pinkett Smith

Howard Stern Slams August Alsina for Pillow Talking About Jada Pinkette Smith August used her for Clout and no one is liking it



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