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Sexxy Redd new lip gloss line outrage shock and obessesion


Rapper Sexxy Redd New Shockingly Rachette Lip Gloss Line is Successful At What Cost

Have you seen the new viral video about rapper sexxy red new lip gloss flavors? The fact female rappers in this era are making money and are also very popular on the internet and music charts. Sexy Redd’s new lip gloss has flavors like Booty Hole Pink, Ghonnora Green, and many other disgusting names!


I will list it in the broadcast only on YouTube. If you don’t think that these few flavors were cringe then watch out for the other ones she spoke about and hear what other people’s reactions were sure girl just wanna have fun but is this good for her why couldn’t she use others’ names than to make it seem like the women who wear the lip gloss are not wanting to have cum on their lips… this is a graphic post so view description has been advised this is not safe for work of any kind.

No Jumper on X: "Sexyy Red reveals some of the wild names for her lip gloss brand" / X
I will admit as a fan of Hip Hop and Rap so it upsets me to say this yet this is ridiculous to say she can rap her music is mediocre at best and her presentation is good for the audience it is the new era of rap music and yet to me she is not rapping.


Concerns Grow Over Sexyy Red's New Lip Gloss Line and Its Impact on Children


“I got a lip gloss line dropping soon, y’all better shop with your girl,” Sexyy Red tells Interview Magazine without offering any further details about the new brand’s timeline. “I got all different flavors: C***hie Juice, Bootyhole Brown, C***hie Pink, Sex on My Period, Gonorrhea, Yellow Discharge and Nut.”

Read More: Sexyy Red’s Lip Gloss Line Has the Raunchiest Flavors Ever – XXL |

Even Charleston White and many others are not fans of her music he said she was a Slave to the music industry too and this was while I was writing this article
Sexxy Redd{s music is not up to par with Nicky Minaj, her skills are under Cardi B to be clear this is not to say it if you want to rate her music and provide commentary this is your invitation. Make sure to go to her new music review pages we are building brick by brick.I Love the fact they are black women making more money than I ever will see but at what cost i think this is why we commoners say selling your soul to the devil it does not mean you get a weird dude on crossroads.

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Sexy Redd is winning in terms of making her dreams come true but alot of people believe she is buck dancing and she is the monkey for the music label and doesn’t even realize she is producing music that is not going to be remembered by artistry but debauchery and shock factors. Sexy Redd is winning the rap game off the backs of rappers like Lil Kim and Nikki Minaj she is original of course her music sounds like Blueface music off-beat but hey there is an audience for everyone. I commend her on making her lane and creating an audience around her music.



Sexyy Red's lip gloss names are out of control 😳😳😳 - YouTube
Gorilla Sexxy, Redd Suhkina, and Christian  Rock music should be being promoted to a young impressional youth and some are crying foul they do not want her to promote her

thot culture to their daughters let alone any little girls.

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