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Boosie Badazz will be Whisteling Dixie out His ... if he Doesnt SNITCH


Rapper Boosie Badazz Will Be Whistling Dixie Out His A$$ if Doesn’t Snitch First!

Boosie may have to start Whistling Dixie out is assets, if he doesn’t Snitch according to ex police officer Reggie Wright of Rightway, co -owner of Death Row now that Suge Knight ran over men at the Straight Out of Compton movie set. Mind you Suge is still in prison as we speak, Reggie long time buddy of Suge and Ex  security of Death Row Records prominent musicians now he spends his time telling true lies or truth and the behalf of Radiotubetv Media we all know this doesn’t look good for him,  cause he may be headed to jail for almost a decade. Boosie has been on Vladtv as a staple ever since Lord Jamar left and Godfrey left as return guest host on the VLADTV show. Boosie even had the nerve to say Vlad was not a snitch and they always together eating steaks and potatoes and hanging out smoking.

The reason why Boosie was arrested is because  40-year-old  Hatch  can be seen tucking a gun into the waistband of his jeans. The posts, which were originally uploaded last month, were essentially what landed Boosie in trouble as federal law prohibits convicted felons from carrying and/or owning guns. The fact he went to the Hood to show off and also toting a illegal firearm is beyond anyone’s thinking.

Boosie Badazz News and New Music - Urban Islandz


Boosie’s  weird affiliation with Vladtv has raised concerns about his loyalty to a man who interrogates his black guest who are using his platform as he is using them either free or paid most actors musicians and athletes to gangster’s are  interviewed are using it for visibility clout or as a means of promotion for  new endeavors. Boosie said a lot of smart observations and he was the replacement for Lord Jamar and Godfrey who where tired of  getting the most views without any ownership of the channel royalties. It is unclear if Vlad was paying everyone.

The fact of the matter is Vlad as many rappers who have appeared on his show whose interviews where used to lock them up in some way shape or form. We also heard Maff Hoffa confronted Boosie at the BET awards after he was released from San Diego corrections.


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Math Hoffa Interview was it the first time Feds where watching Boosie? 

Watch Boosie Badazz Attempt to Learn Kappa's Signature Shimmy Following Sweatshirt Controversy | Complex

if you do not know Math Hoffa let me explain who he is he made his mark in the industry with connection with Jay-Z he is also a rapper and now Podcaster he has h is own show like many mainstream artists actors and everyday people.

Boosie was released and then he acted a fool and yet again spoke too much many believe he needs to get offline and stop posting right now because of his history of being pulled over screaming at the police about how rich he is..

Now we are proud of artist when they make it in music this is now a concern  that Boosie is too old to be playing the role he is so accustomed to playing, maybe it is time for him to grow up? Boosie has been clear on his motive with VLADTV he is socially awkward he needs  the media training he was seen with Maury Povich the second Jerry Springer who is still living it could be a promotion for a DNA test unfortunately Boosie seemed to be lagging with the timing of his responses and coming on the camera high or drunk is not the look no matter how famous you are.


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Boosie, was in attendance of the BET awards where he face planted it looked kind of crazy he showed up in some shorts, instead of dressing up in s suit or some nice jeans and a fresh T Shirt it was kind of weird. Boosie has been very vocal and now all his words will come back to haunt him he explained on the Math Hoffa show on YouTube, being high off weed doesn’t help, if your not sharp you will catch yourself in a situation because of your ego, and because your not media trained once you talk your hooked like a fish.


Rapper Boosie is man also know as Terrance Hatch  who should have learned stop trying to play gangster you made it you made your money your famous and you don’t have to work a nine to five. A leak from San Diego Police department, Bodyguard who is Boosie Security the day he was pulled over with a gun he told the security was supposed to say it was his gun.

  • Why didn’t Boosie  just hire a armed security team instead of carrying his own gun?
  • Boosie is a felon so why even chance it? Why did he have a gun on camera and thought no one was watching?
  • Boosie has bodies allegedly on him from his younger homies who have taken charges for him even his own cousin who had him indicted according to Boosie from his own words on a VLADTV interview
  • The fact that Boosie is trying to be this gangster once he got out he had his Lawyers in tote at the BET Awards and face planted as he tried to dance at a show he looked to be super overly drunk which in my opinion he was just happy to be out of Jail and wanted to have fun.


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