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R. Kelly’s Lovers :Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary CBS interview with Gayle king CBS

The women are clearly in love with R .Kelly the two women sat down with Gayle King and Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage claims their parents just want the money that their press conferences are all a scam ..

If you taken a look at the video interview on CBS in the morning when asked about their sexual set up if they are bothe dating him she answered defiantly ” I am a women i would never tell another women what I do in the bedroom that’s our business” many commentators on the CBS in the morning pages also felt Jocelyn also was hopelessly in love with Robert Kelly the man accused in the past of a sex tapes that were sold on the black market on Surviving R. Kelly a women said she waited after he was released to meet the singer.


Azriel  Clarly, is a rude young women she was very upset and mean spirited during the interview and seemed overly mad at Gayle when her own parents said she seemed brainwashed.

Timothy Savage, left, and his wife Jonjelyn Savage discuss their daughter’s relationship with R&B singer R. Kelly at a press conference with their attorney on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, in Decatur, Ga. The family claims they haven’t seen their daughter, Joycelyn Savage, for years and blame Kelly for maintaining a cult-like influence over her. The recording artist has been trailed for decades by allegations that he violated underage girls and women and held some as virtual slaves. (AP Photo/Ron Harris)


Azriel seemed overly upset and cried and claims her parents were the ones who instructed her as a minor to get footage of Kelly having sex with her to use it against him later her parents deny their daughters statements Jocelyn savage is also a lover of Kelly’s she claims they are all a family and they have their own relationships with the R&B singer. Gayle King felt bad stating she could not step in but if it were her daughters she would have showed up and took her daughter away stating your 23 hes 52 years old.

Bothe women claim allegedly their parents are trying to get money and scam and that her own parents said she that R. Kelly needs to send them $20,000 or they would put naked pictures online and that we are all ignorent and stupid if we believe it and its just  gossip and she was told about the allegations of sexual abuse he has and told Gayle she was not here to talk about the decades of allegations they are there to speak about their parents and R Kelly tried to stop the interview….

R. Kelly is innocent until proven guilty, the singer was bailed out by his fans and was released March 9, 2019 we will update you on the trial for Kelly was soon as we get details and reports on the court case and have reviewed the documents. Those that have watched the Surviving R Kelly have mixed reviews some say he didn’t do it some think he did it and should rot in jail what are your thoughts on this interview leave your comments below are the women in denial because they know their free ride is over ?

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