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R. Kelly’s Explosive Interview with Gayle King

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R.Kelly stands accused of 10 counts of sexual abuse and back in 2008 he was facing 21 counts of child pornography. It has been reported Robert Kelly asked for the interview with Gayle King CBS in the Morning.


During our viewing of the Lifetime series surviving R. Kelly was a documentaries of pretty convincing testimonies of women saying they know he went to the high school McDonald’s were he had his assistants talk to the girls who were hanging out after school.

The documentaries had a lot of story’s of women who claims to have been controlled mentally by the R&B singer Robert Kelly who said it was all lies as he screamed and yelled at Gayle King and also went crazy speaking fast and aggressive saying “Yall Killing Me”!

The singer claims he didn’t do it and he is not a monster and he is not this devil people paint him to be the interview went south when Gayle King said that he was playing the victim Kelly got up and went “coo coo for coco puffs” and the be honest the evidence in his face as he was not going to control were this interview went he screamed yelled and ranted at the camera its alarming his publicist allowed him to go on TV with CBS in the morning anchor Gayle King best friend to Oprah Winfrey.

R.Kelly insisted he is innocent and then said the girls were sold to him… when he owes child support for his three children he has with Andrea Kelly $160,000.00 he is due in court to pay the full balance these days you can go to jail for unpaid child support.

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How could everyone be lying these women do not know each other ?Gayle asked why are all these people lying on you ?

R. Kelly’s legal team must be fools to let him go at it alone on National TV and also he said he was Fighting for his Life and he also said he did not have a harem of women a dungeon or held anyone against their will the girls parents he is living with and having two relationships with believe the girls are brainwashed they both were dressed well and had hair that looked very well done they both are young and beautiful and may be have the time of their lives now but what happens when the Bread winner leaves the house ?


These girls are not to blame and R. Kelly is innocent until proven guilty we have seen the photo images of him and a 14 year old girl in wood studio room he has he records in and a camera set up it is Robert Kelly allegedly.

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