Wendy Williams Husband Allegedly Impregnated His Kept Women

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Charlemagne the god also spoke on this 2017 and now Radar online Wendy Joan Williams Hunter is an American television host, actress, author, fashion designer, and former radio personality.She has hosted the nationally syndicated television talk show The Wendy Williams Show since 2008.

Wendy Stood by her man Kevin Hunter he purchased a Love nest for his side piece…. down the street  .Who is Sharina the Kept Women 

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Hunter, 46, is said to have been cheating on Williams, 53, with the mistress for more than ten years! Investigators covering the scandal claim the TV talk show host hubby’s secret double life includes splitting his time between the New Jersey home he shares with Williams and a $765,000 home in Fort Lee he bought for Hudson just nine miles down the road!

There are two homes Kevin has put on the Market and Wendy has taken a second week off …

Back in 2017, there was a big story about her Husband having a secret relationship with another women and from what it appears he did not stop seeing her. Now there has been a new incident the women may be pregnant and some say allegedly her health scare and deteriorating quality of the show is because of her sad personal life. The slurring of speech she also cannot remember what she is talking about half the time .


Wendy had a health scare where she fell out during a taping it was scary to watch.The issue we have is that her husband she publicly flipped off the public and stood next to her man only to find he is trading her in for a younger her … the women look similar but why is Wendy staying with him?


Wendy Williams’ Husband ‘Threatens’ Staff To Stay Silent Amid Cheating Scandal thumbnail

Our concern is that if this is true her husband doesn’t care much about  her if he is buying a large ring for his mistress and continuing  his cohabitation with Sharina Hudson .even the bible said a man or women should divorce if this is going on so Wendy please GET OUT!



The mistress alleged is pregnant and since we have not seen Wendy on her Daytime talk show so lets get ready to drink some tea. Sharina Hudson has been spotted and she ran from the media just days ago according to radar online.Kevin should have more respect for his wife and business partner.

Wendy pushes back return whats up with Wendy?

There has been a cease and desist for anyone acting as if the information is true the long time talk radio and now daytime TV host has not come back since the news broke her spouse Kevin Hunter berated staff and vowed to find the staff member leaking details of their private drama but its too late for that now.

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