Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Fans are Hating on Upcoming Rapper Meghan the Stallion

Now just because Meghan the Stallion is a new rapper she is being hated on and it’s so obvious.  Blog posts all around the web  went viral and the video interview with People TV.

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Cardi B
Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Event, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 08 May 2019

Nicky is mad because she is not the only rapper people like and Cardi mad because people are now moving on to a new rapper now you know that last week Cardi and Minaj were  quick to say Jermaine was hating on female strippers who became rappers — When bothe rappers are hypocrites.



Megan Thee Stallion performs “Realer” and “Big Ole Freak” on Kimmel: Watch

Is it Lil Kim’s fault no! Together with , Lil Kim even to this day  has not received credit from  Nicki Minaj has clearly been influenced by Lil KIM she denied and claims  she doesn’t care  about giving homage to Kim or anyone,whereas a lot of  female rappers have this idea that they need to show their assets why because Sex Sales lets be real and just as the strippers sell sex this is what people want to hear these days in addition to the songs about money sex and power men and women speak about daily leave it to the singers to cry about love and family issues rappers.


Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)

Earlier this year Cardi B got into it with Rah Ali and emerged with a knot on her head we didn’t see the old school rappers fighting like this it could be that these women really have no love for one another but what a track that would be for bothe Nicky and Cardi  B ,that  track will never happen, unless rappers of all stages support one another guess it is supposed to be each rapper on their own island .. wrong!



Prior to  A MILLION who was signed to Roc A fella  there are other women like Missy and the Da Brat who did not show skin they were judged  on their bars not the way they dressed  and let us not forget about MC Lyte Lil Kim was called the Queen Bee why she was that female rapper who was Biggies lover and also protege in the junior mafia unlike rappers of today no one cared who was writing people wanted more like FOXY and KIM because there was a drought for so long and if you have a unique rap style you could be on the come up.


Megan Thee Stallion is not like any of the rappers  we  hear on the regular and i’m sure you can agree if your tired of bodak yellow playing a million times a day and the Migos and Sam Smith and Haulsey its like wow i know there are other songs you can play we don’t want to hear the song so much we hate it Listen to the broadcast to hear more about what happened with the Barbz consider subscribing to our website

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