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Rapper Pimp C Had a Secret Tape With Jay- Z Wife, Beyoncé Knowles?

Radiotubetv The Beat Did Pimp C really have an alleged recording or is Pimpin Ken selling wolf cookies

PIMP C’s  Secret Tape that Broke the Internet in 2022 on YouTube channel 

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About six months ago I was browsing on YouTube looking for a hot story to tell, I came across a post about Pimp C and his untimely death, you know how it is once you jump down the rabbit hole well you know what happens you find things you didn’t expect.

Beyoncé is 'reuniting' with Destiny's Child at Coachella

Destiney Child after the group dropped two members, LaTavia Roberson, and LaToya Luckett was signed in 1997 to Columbia Records as Destiny’s Child.

I know the usual topic is how demonic she is l this post is not about that at all it is about how she was rumored to be hanging out with Pimp C and there was a tape as a result of its question is was she aware she was being filmed no one has asked this question yet so it makes me wonder if the tape was secret to even Beyoncé

It makes sense to me she would like a Texas boy like Pimp C it seemed strange she would marry Jay because he was well not her type from the outside looking in. 

Jay and Pimp Where co 

Bun B Reveals Jay-Z Kicked Him & Slim Thug Out of Beyonce 'Check On It'  Video Shoot | HipHop-N-More

Jay was cool with Bun. B according to reports Pimp C did not want to do the song he was an underground rapper and was happy where he was.

Bun B he claimed that Pimp C was thrown on the song after he had put his verse down truth be told everyone knows the song was hot cause ofRap-A-Lot said the beat was not poppies that Jay did nothing but it was lackluster compared to his lyrical prowess now. 

Pimpin Ken Is Atlanta the South! Did You Agree with Pimp C Yes or No | BOSS  TALK 101 (Part 5) - YouTube

Boss talk | interviewed Ken and this was the moment that we all found whether  out the alleged truth about Queen Bee Beyoncé

Pimp C was signed to Rap-A-Lot at the time and he and Bun B were fell out before he passing’ away. Some of his close friends claim that his death was not what people think it was but that only makes people speculate whether was it about the secret recording that he had and also others had watched including Rap-A- Lot boogey Man who has now been side-eye for his selections with Takeoff death?

What Does Jay Z Think of Beyoncé's Lemonade? | Vanity Fair

Too Short the rapper, also had concerns about the way Pimp C passed on he said he just talked to him the day before, the issue is when he was laid to rest his appearance looked plastic his lips black and he appeared poisoned and bloated some say it was the lean some say it was foul play. This was after his explosive interview on a local radio station in ATL.

All content in this post is allegedly based on an interview with Pimpin  Ken he claimed that there was a tape out there hotter than the Kim Kardashian tape with Ray J?



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.if this is true is this why Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé could never be friends?  Keep in mind this could all be rumor we are just reporting what was said on Boss Talk radio! 

No names where specifically said besides the biggest chick in the R&B game so-called Most popular rapper who was never supposed to be together. According to the comments on Pimpin Kens latest interview Beyoncé was from the Galveston area in Texas Beyoncé was young and dumb and did what most girls do in those parts just living life.


The so called  tape has never leaked till this day so why are people so pressed about it if it is not true or is it true?

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