Pete Davidson Dismissed Ariana Grande’s Visit at SNL Studios

After Alarming Instagram Suicide Message Deleted Social Accounts

Now the tables have turned maybe things were not as they seemed we just heard that Ariana  Grande broke up with Pete Davidson so when she tried to come to his house after the suicidal  message he avoided her so maybe he doesn’t want to get back with her at all they were supposed to get married.


We feel bad for Pete Davidson we hope he will be okay NY police department received influx of calls after Pete Davidsons post on Social media went viral in seconds fans concerned about him.


Pete has not been trying to communicate a  source saids he  is definitely refused to see Ariana Grande giving her the cold shoulder, I  mean I know she had to ..she did have to grieve for her ex man Mac Miller which there is nothing wrong with her taking some time to grieve for someone she cared about

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Breaking up with Pete publicly after a ring was kinda cold , and then running back to him  acting as if she is a friend is kinda corny it was not cool to say the least.


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We don’t blame him once someone lets go of a  person it’s pretty much over for Ariana she needs not to waste her time he doesn’t want to talk to her because she played him for a fool thinking she was going to marry him we aren’t clowning this is just what people think who does this  chick think she is maybe it would have been more genuine if she did it privately …right!

Ariana Grande visit to MSNBC studios did not work out the way she wanted he made it clear he did not want to see her and turned her away.

Strange thing .. she said to a fan she did not have Petes phone number did he change his number too wtf dude is cold with it but that what happens when you break up with someone when you about to get married  c’mon girl he doesn’t want to be around you either way now Pete is chilling with people who have been his friends hoping to get him back to his self we hope things work out.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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