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OJ Simpson Prosecutor Darden to Represent Eric Holder Shooter of Nipsey Hussle

Eric Holder 29, stands accused of killing rapper Nipsey Hussle new details have emerged in the case that moments before his death he shook hands with Holder.

OJ Simpson’s high profile case was prosecuted by Marsha Clark and also Chris Darden who was there at the arraignment when the first charges of murder were pressed in the murder of Nipsey Hussle. who was shot five times in four times in the body and once to his head his own brother recounted his last moments as he was dying stating Nipsey was a beacon of light on Crenshaw sad to see another man die of gun violence when it appears he was not about that life that hates and envy  those that are blessed with not just money riches but spiritual riches.

The man accused is being represented by Chris Darden who was involved in the case against OJ Simpson were he was  acquitted due to some leaks and mishandlings of the case and not enough evidence.

During the arraignment Darden said “There is a issue of identity he tried to obtain the security camera footage floating around online for all eyes to see reporters in LA say that this may be what makes or breaks the case if your a legal analyst or lawyer please contact us for our radio stream to speak on this  topic.

Prosecutor John McKinney argued that “identity won’t ultimately be an issue in this case” since the media has already obtained photos of Eric Holder, Hussle’s alleged killer.


Darden entered a not guilty plea for his client and bobbed and weaved his way out of the court as the pondomium started as questions were being asked he was  MIA moments later.

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