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Offsets Baby Momma : Shyia😘 L’amour🎶 Debut Gets Removed🤦‍♀️ After it went #VIRAL🤪 !!


Now in the past there has been some people that say Cardi B said Nicki was trying to stop her bag but now there is a new thing going on so read on to see what went down!


So  a few days ago there was a post on the shade room and Shya L’amour was poppin off to Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop “That Thing song saying to Kick that man to curb it was empowering and her rapping sent chills up our spines she has that it factor that fire!


We saw this on the Expressive channel but it had already went viral elsewhere online because the post has a MIllion views and then all of sudden the IG video was removed!


Shya L’amour , has said she likes Cardi .B .

We are not throwing shots but somebody was haten hard on this chick and if you hear her you will see why!


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Word of advice to my #YoungQueens …. Get you you!! #shyalamour

A post shared by Official Shya L’amour IG ✨💜🍯🔮 (@shya_lamour) on

Now we ain’t saying that Cardi B had anything to do with it but doesn’t it seem convenient?


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