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Offset Cheats on Cardi B Again !!!

Why is she With Him Again?

Offset cheat’s on Cardi B Again?!

When enough enough for these celebrity’s ?

Will Cardi B and Offset break up ? Guess money can’t buy love the hit making rapper had the nerve to come out and say she’s been married to offset for months but many believe offset from the group Migos, has no love for her and some claim,



Is Card B getting played by her husband ? 

I’m sure it is a Yes see these men can do what they want but a minute a women does the same she is a ho how is that okay?




The Third Baby’s Mother?  Cardi B Now

Now that she is about to  drop the baby any day now… and back to her old self will their love stand the test of time you be the judge give us some feed back

Our issue with it all as a team is that Cardi could have any man she wants to why offset ??




We feel, like while we hope it works out 80% of musicians who marry another musicians never make it we see it lasting more with a man who doesn’t want her fame not saying offset doesn’t love her -that’ kinda fast…


Oh well there is a reason for everything this time Cardi B. has to figure out does she want to me cheated on by a man who will need spousal support in the outrun?



There are also reports Cardi B has joined the elite illumanti and they are the ones she works for and the label what do you think ?

Conspiracy theorist say Cardi B, has a handler and its Offset WTF!

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