Nipsey Hussle Shot Down in FRONT of Store Shooter ARRESTED

Los Angeles -Nipsey Hussle’s murderer has been arrested his name is Eric Holder, he was known by Nipsey and his close friends and associates during the visual for the slain rapper there were some disturbances and people were hurt.

Nipsey business partner spoke up and said that he knew why it happened it was jealousy and envy he had a lot to say about the man but did not provide more details about how long this so called hate has been stewing. Footage was released recently that showed a man injuring two others and intentionally killed Nipsey Hussle was the plan as far as we have been told by our source in los angeles.

Chris Darden from OJ simpson Murder trial has taken on Eric Holder as a client ….Prosecutor John McKinney argued that “identity won’t ultimately be an issue in this case” since the media has already obtained photos of Eric Holder, Hussle’s alleged killer.
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