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Nikki Minaj Has a Breakdown Over Queen Record

Nikki Is going crazy over her Queen record ? Not sure why she has been in the game for years made her 75 Million what more does she want ?

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Now when Nikki first hit the scene she was a artist who was under the Label Cash Money she has millions now so why is she trip- pen now ?

Nikki had her moment for a while thus far..Plus the remy ma thing well she got faded and took that “L” for that but the pop rapper just doesnt see she has lost the people and the record is not as bad as i thought it was going to be but still.


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We seen Chun Li its the same ol thing fast rapper talking about well cant remember oh it was pretty good if you like hearing her impressions and talking about herself nothing new to offer besides going at Cardi B she need to get her skills in check work on her craft make a record we can understand .. so here is the track via YouTube.

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Barbi Thingz was cute too  but it is just not enough she needs to come out with a song that shows  she has a story to tell she doesnt understand that we want more from her work harder on your lyrics girl the songs are good but too much for a person to absorb.


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Bitch Is King Kong with her Rings on … not bad..

if she can get off her high horse and do music for the passion it may be better for her but this Cardi B thing, see women like Nikki are the jealous envious type dont let the hair weave and the ass fool you she did all this for attention fame and she got that she is talented but her music has not grown same thing can happen if you get the success Nikki has achieved but she is not Humble this is the problem.

Ms. Minaj, has beaten a dead horse with her  speaking on another success, in my eyes NIKKI doesn’t know herself at this point she is pandering to any audience and nowadays that is career suicide if you do it incorrect now her album has a few hitters ” Hard White” and “Ganja Burn” is a good track but she cant sing just saying…

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