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Nicky Minaj No Frauds | Falls Short of Expectation Features Drake and Lil Wayne

It was too little too late… The reason most people do not care about Nikki’s songs is that it was pointless to act like nothing happened while I am a fan of any female making power moves. Both rappers are successful in their own right Nicki the newcomer and Lil Kim the OG are beefing for real and it’s all because Cash Money Records had used Kims material and showed it to Minaj Kim has said this on the Breakfast club in the past and claims that her whole style was stolen by Minaj this is why there is an issue between the two and Baby is also a common demononitor for issues with payments and albums being leaked in the past but what about Minaj why does she keep saying that she never was inspired by Lil Kim when her old social media has the influence of Kim nearly on every turn.. 

 I do not agree that because Nikki Minaj, is a  hater she has for anyone who is better is what escapes me as an artist and a radio host. Her music is a mixture of many she also went as far to remove Re my’s music off of Apple the streets are talking and have watched what happened. It is not about anyone trashes Nicky she did her thing but never forget that the truth will always come out Future took a picture and Nicky ass dropped literally.

Remy Ma has not made any new music lately but in 2020 we hope to hear something now that Minaj is retired will there be more from Remy well lets sit back and watch otherwise check her out on Love and Hip Hop NYC. 

Strike 1 : Ghostwriters are a norm…..

Let us be real we heard about the Ovo camp sweat shop 
and at around the same time the same process maybe the same guy is writing … I digress. 

It’s too late  now its someone else’s  time to shine every artist has an audience. Safari has been remored to write her music  she has been silent since then.  

Strike  2 Real Is Real ! No frauds was Wack ! 

I feel like in a way it’s not about comparing because  Remy has been in the game before she married Papoose but alot of people try to pretend all of sudden Remy Ma had writers. I feel like this was nickys team putting out propaganda this is what i call fake new only this time the fraudulent person who has made millions has now come to a  place were the streets have made their judgement and  this time its not in her favor. 

Strike 3 The Party is Over !

The bad part is she should have kept Safari because he was there since day one she played herself and now she tried to come out  with a diss three track Ep that was the worse music she has made ever to date. If you like her sorry but the music is wack and she should have responded months ago! 

The Party Next Door plus many others write for Drake plus many more he is playing on the radio now the problem with the new music is some of it is just not that good this time around we found someone else who writes won this Contest.

Comment below what you think about The Beef ” between these two ladies do you think they should  squash it or battle publicly ?

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