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Every Day Struggle Akademiks
Akademiks is not a typical broadcaster online he has not went to vocational school or University but he does have a love for music and pop culture many will dislike what he has to say and this time it hit hard LL Cool J schooled the young boy

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Nicki Minaj Sends Her Husband And His Goons After Popular Hip Hop Content Creator

DJ Akadmiks and Nicki are at War Kenneth Petty wants to Talk to him…


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Queen Radio goes after DJ Akadmiks and Saucy Santana also went after the popular blogger DJ Akadmiks, his claim to fame is live streaming on Twitch YouTube, and various platforms. Nikki has always been surrounded by controversy even as she entered into the music game she was said to be mentored by Birdman using Lil Kim’s style however we all know that Kim could spit and still can it is a shame that Nikki never wants to give up other rappers any props besides herself. Nikki is an established music artist she has her style and it’s clear she is very successful she makes hits and makes millions more than the rappers of the past which is no shade to them but now we have learned from TLC those 360 Deals are not the business.


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DJ Big Akadmiks, like any other writer content creator who does live streams, can say what they want and he understands the consequences he has been dragged for health on many occasions and sometimes people respect his opinion. It is almost like as long as content creators entertainment journalist writers and influencers say whatever an artist or public figure wants it is okay but if he says the truth ash he see{s it stating Nikki is never helping any other artist she hates on them and uses new popular rappers for clout, she still can be a chart topper  according to AKadmiks but she is getting money and still relevant at the end of the day she is hater he also claimed the streams are bad because she is editing her image on each frame and she is not talking to her guest and shouting them out … what kind of radio station is that_  of what he think he sees people are pressed and upset about one man’s opinion.


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Vloggers content creators and radio hosts have all had beef with celebrities for reporting gossip news and outright lies and we saw what happened with Cardi B and Tasha K’s 4 Million Dollar lawsuit yet Blueface said Cardi B had a body odor in an interview and he was not sued so what does that mean well he said what he said maybe it was hot in the leather and to be fair everyone’s feromones are not the same.

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Now that Akadmiks has dared to say that Queen Nicki has been on the sugar allegedly he did not have proof so he was reporting the rumors online and offline, of course, Nikki is not having it and has put Kenneth on time out after MTV music award incident, of course, the beef between Cardi B and Nicki should’ve stayed that way, between them so I guess the beef was so bad that Kenneth Petty, made a video with his goons who are said to be some pretty fearful men said to be allegedly killers so they are protection for Ms. Petty who is now married to Kenneth Petty a lot of people are mad about the video of him threatening Offset being Offset just so happens to be the husband of Cardi B and because she was beaten up at the last awards show between Nicki and her industry friend Ra Ali who has a site called Onsite she is very successful as a reality tv star, of course, she is three times the women than Cardi she is like Queen Latifah size whereas Cardi is like Jada Pinkett Smith size,


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Nicki is mad about his coverage on her Chun Li record, had some slappers she is lyrically clever yet for some they always, have something bad to say, could it be they want more of a commerical record and not her lyrics being beyond what many female rappers today cannot dupliate her vernacular is flawless if your say anything less well Ms Petty dont play that,  how she is moving out here with Kenneth Petty his sex offender history and how he presents himself online and offline there have been rumors flying about their relationship. I believe that Nicki Minaj is a great artist she can rap and sing and she also sets trends so I will admit she did her thing and she does have bars! Let us be fair he has a huge fanbase and he is good at what he does as far as commentary news in the urban sector.

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