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Nicki Minaj Exposes Cardi .B on Queen Radio (Nicki and Cardi B Fight)

Queen Radio Recap

-So Queen radio had a new show and i can say it was fun to listen to.


Nicki Minaj, was on the show talking with Tekashi 69 via airport she did promote him and say he was a good dude the streets love him and this show is everything .. some people are messing with Nicki ‘s show Queen Radio and we are one of them!


Cardi B claims Nicki talked about Kulture her new baby why would she care about her parenting skills is what she said and she claims that Cardi B. has built her career on Payola Nicki  Minaj, is  tell en the truth but what record is not plugged from the Record Label to  radio stations playing over and over sometimes,  for us it makes us not like the song and when we hear it we turn it off.

Cardi and Rah Ali were the ones who were scrappen not Nicki
Ear to the streets Show @ 9pm Thursdays

I just wonder why this is okay for Cardi B. to go around playing the victim

Also a women on social media came forward on air &said  Cardi B. told a story about cardi sending a message stating her baby died because she didnt take care of it and it was a monkey not sure who the women was but why would someone say a child was a monkey and come to find out her  baby was  deseased we cant make this shit up so take a step into the bad side with Nicki just clack the Emoji to watch  more at the end of this article.

We are not sure of who this women was now all of sudden women are coming forward stating Cardi does not identify,  as African American but her daughter will be multicultural but seen as African american so we are unsure of the perception Cardi has put out there being she is mixed raced herself but some say it was said in anger not racist remarks..

“Two weeks later after giving birth at fashion week  fighting  and then before she was at  Strip club , with her entourage fighting strippers!”

-Nicki Minaj Queen Radio 



We are not on either person side  just reporting the news join us tomorrow for more Trending News!




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