New Tape Emerges in R. Kelly Sexual Abuse Scandal.. Tape #3

Is this Fake News? Kelly " They are Lying on Me"

A couple found a tape in their home and on the tape it is rumored to show a man allegedly to be R. Kelly with an underage girl question is how did they get this tape?

It can be hard to convict him  if the victims story’s are the same another video has come up and on Saturday he was released with $160k in bail was set and another person made bail for him.The couple do not know R. Kelly and do not know how the tape came up in his home.This is the third tape coming up now and according to Avanatti ”I turned in two other tapes to Cook County prosecutors office” Avanetti ,  added” There is no way that is not R. Kelly in the tape”..

Marriage certificates have come out with Aaliyah’s  age being fraudulently added to a private ceremony and the marriage was annulled Aaliyah mother has spoken they were never married after Vibes investigative reporting,

Faith Rodgers claims he went through verbal and sexual abuse and she came on to CBS news to say she has been threatened by the singer to not come forward the 21 year old provided a threatening letter sent to Rodgers which is notarized letters, demanding ten men come forward about her sex life and he wanted dated medical records showing the date she acquired herpes she claims she contracted from Mr. Kelly at the age of 19.

A mother of one of the said victims said she watched clips i cant watch a circus act. Dominique Cranmer’s mother claims he mentally and sexually abused her and was beaten and starved for days her daughter came back 99 lbs and she claims Kelly has spit in her daughters face and also treated her daughter as prisoner allegedly. Many are mixed on the singers innocence or guilt.

Question is who are the people on the tape and if there is a connection to the tape prosecution will have to make that connection between the tape and the under age girl in the video.Attorney, Gloria Aldridge does not know if it is R Kelly so we will keep you updated as we get more details.

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