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Netflix Under Fire for New ” Black Cleopatra Movie Blacklisted and Called Racist

Cleopatra VII Philopatric was Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC, and its last active ruler. A member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, she was a descendant of its founder Ptolemy I Soter, a Macedonian Greek general and companion of Alexander the Great. Keep in mind this was estimated 200 to 300 years after Ptolemy became the defacto ruler in his War Lords stead after his death as a conqueror Alexander the Great has been seen as a conqueror who convergence of Greeks in a new land historians have yet to find the body of Cleopatra and also of Alexander the Great without the physical body how can we truly say that the seventh Cleopatra didn’t have African blood at all.


Cleopatra BBC article states her sister Arsinoe was of African descent. Why arent people talking about this?

Netflix  Cleopatra produced by Jada Pinkett Smith’s trilogy of docuseries of African Queens has gone viral for the last few days since the trailer of Cleopatra came to light and guess what Modern Egyptian people are outraged there is a suit that has been filed against the movie. Historically.  Macedonians Greeks and Romans conquered Ancient Egypt, at different points in time. Controversy has also gone viral for the same images pushed down our throats by Archeologists scholars and experts in the field with no proof besides writings they believe to be fact.

Cleopatra netflix jada Pinkette Smith Production African Queens Low ratings on Rotten tomatoes


I watched Cleopatra a few times not the one with Elizabeth Taylor I also watched Jada Pinkett’s Netflix Cleopatra, Series,  It was good I liked it and I find nothing wrong with her work on the series. Personally, it seems odd that Egyptians of today would get mad about the depictions when the same people that exist now were not there to see or observe her, and since there is no rule when it comes to Europeans coming there to steal and destroy their monuments and steal artifacts why should it matter if there is a Cleopatra that appears more black than anyone has ever seen because the world wants you to think there where no great African Queens people don’t even try to coin Black Empire you may get laughed at because of the occupation of taking a story and retelling it so that its more fantasy than reality the out of Africa theory is just that an idea doesn’t mean it’s all the way true.

The actress looked much like the coins we saw and let’s be clear just because you are black doesn’t mean that all Africans look the same using certain people has its advantages.  The fact there are a plethora of videos regurgitating the same idea she was a white-skinned woman makes no sense.

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Black people are made to be slaves and savages according to historical records, African Americans watched Cosby’s show for the excellence of a Black family being able to take care of their needs with education and wealth following them. Egyptology is big business and if there was a chance the narrative would change it would undo what people believe about the ancient history that France Britannica and other Europeans have told us the fact that many are saying that Africa has nothing to do with the Egypt aka Kemet makes no sense when science has now revealed the first humans where not Caucasian.


Cleopatra Netflix docuseries low ratings

If you remember black cinema never depicted a black man with anything besides a criminal holster or a pimp or then there’s the stigma of being a comedian dancing and singing for the white man’s entertainment so this means Black Panther was made by Marvel showing an African American King against an American would be King had the colonizers not invaded the same story could be told for those who believe black Hebrew Israelites are wrong for saying they are apart of the lost tribes just as now many are mad that Egypt which was Kemet is apart of Africa they want you to think this to separate history to make what was there’s conquering the belief any black man ever built anything of importance just sticks and dung is what they want you to believe.


Cleopatra Image has been seen as Greek Macedonian

Cleopatra a Egyptian Queen was she not at all African or was this what Europeans and conquering nations, want us to believe?

The way that inhabitants who reside in Egypt in this modern time are the result of generations of mixed raced unions of Arabs Greens and Macedonian and of course Africans could it be possible that the faction of people you claim to be Greek or Roman or Arabic still have African blood?

Remember the Time Nefertiti Bust Sparks Controversy After the Television Debut of Facial Reconstruction

Nefertiti bust may have been a fraud


Take for instance Nefertiti Bust was recreated it was not an Asiatic African American woman it was a woman who looked Caucasian which spurred controversy till this day. Why has it been such a scramble to ignore the truth Europeans wrote books to ensure after the time of black rulers queens and kings and nobles and all walks of life of excellence were washed away in by time and space to appear as white now?

Everyone was talking about the fact a fictional character was depicted as Black when some folklore comes from the past of Black Mermaids. The fact that Chloe Baily has a beautiful voice and has worked hard on the movie is not their concern they are concerned with saying that a cartoon version of Lil Mermaid as a red hair blued eyed Caucasian could never be a black woman at all.  As a Black woman, I have too struggled with whether I am beautiful because of my upbringing and also the world at large I do not blame people at this time for the brainwashing that Hollywood has done to us all making us think Moses and Jesus were white skinned blue eyed Europeans and I love all people what is so wrong with historians and archaeology is that now people are smarter and need an outside source to verify their whitewashing of history.

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The black theory has always been a point of contention stating that Egyptians were white with darker skin. Many do not see the occupation the British had in Egypt wrote about the ancient Egyptians. Ancient writers wrote about the multicultural population this is true as well as the Nile natives who appeared just as their native-born Africans with reddish olive skin Dark black tones and Nubian attributes. Hereditist a Greek writer has also written about Ancient Egypt and the desire to paint her as a average ugly women with a hook nose.


Today to say that they are not of African descent and are Caucasian-looking Greeks only with nobody to test their DNA. The fact that African Blood was present in the later Dynasty twenty-three is all Zawaii  Hawass will admit to many do not understand that Cleopatra is 200 years removed from the original Ptolemy Dynasty and she was the seventh Cleopatra Theia, at the same time there is a need to blot out any black rulers of anything connected to the innovation of Egypt the Bible suggests that Egyptian where also Hebrews at one point and branched off to their own land and names and religions if you go by translated texts.

Cleopatra Blackwashed she had white skin?

The argument of color on the walls of Egyptian tombs and hidden chambers is explained away they were Greek-colored fair skinned and not dark brown or black, even the fact there are Black kings who did rule and die whose mummies are tested only by the control of conflicts of interest Arabic and European occupation. In summary this is just my thoughts about

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