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Nancy Grace Speaks on Aaron Hernandez Hangs Himself in a Cell

John 3:16 

40 Million is gone he will never see the money the bad part is the four year old girl
with his long time girl friend really sad situation.  

Aaron Hernandez is dead in a cell he also soaped the floor and wrote  two letters one to his fiancee and one to his gay lover yes we did say it a  gay lover what a shame for his almost wife who may still be in court over the killing of Oden lloyd his friend who was murdered just one of the murders he was involved into.

The letter to his lover has surfaced and it makes you wonder what is really going down 
there were rumors but this was a actual letter so we wonder why he was living a double life but hey this is Aaron Hernandez we are talking about here, the same man who gambled a bright future for murder so sad.  
The letter to his fiancee had a nice poetic feel about her being and angel this is so nice but leaving her and calling her a angel and being with another man in jail is too much its really sad to see the end of this story of a man who had it all and threw it away for a life of crime. 
Rumor has it he was gang affiliated and never stopped living that life 

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