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Mysterious Death of Kim Porter Diddy’s Baby Mother… Porters Family Has been Blackballed by Puffy


How Puffy Met Kim Porter Before Badboy Records 

Kim Porter, was a ride or die for Diddy this is what many said about Kim during her time, with Puffy, till her untimely passion we didn’t know much about her. Before Kim died mysteriously, she was writing a tell all book, about her time in the Industry as a model and also when she was married to Puffy she was a behind the scenes type, she was friends with Kimora Lee Simmons and also started getting closer with Cassie the young girl who was a pop singer then she just was Diddy girlfriend arm candy he flaunted on the red carpet.


Many people have said that Diddy did not want Kim talking to Cassie months later they broke up. Many do not know she was with  Al B sure and Diddy stole her from him, Kim was the one he wrote the song for Forever my Lady the song was sang by Jodeci when they where on Uptown Records ran by Andre Harrell. 

Kim Porters Death is Suspicious

Puffy, immediately after Kim’s death was acting strange at the funeral and he also has a lot of photos online where he is hugging a man from in front behind on the side even with a Lee Daniels who is a openly gay film producer in Hollywood.  The fact that Kim died, before COVID-19 hit us bad in the United States and abroad we all kind of  felt it could have been pandemic before everyone starting catching on to it. Then came the toxicology report and the family speaking out about Puffy keeping his twins away from the nanny who was also the cousin of Kim Porter she had placed in their lives because the nanny was pregnant Diddy said he didn’t think that her services where needed any longer because she was having a baby out of wedlock? 

Was Kim Porter Writing a Tell All Book?

Kim Porters Death is Suspicious  tell all book casket and stolen lap top

As a long time music writer, I know that Diddy has numerous children out of wedlock, the latest child Love Combs is with a mystery women who may be linked to Rapper turned TV series Producer 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson. Rumors have been swirling about Kim releasing the book about him and he wasn’t going to let that happen.

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In my  opinion press was being set up  in a way where the book was defiantly happening it was a big shock she died whilst the streets where buzzing about her tell all book if anyone knew it secrets it had to be Kim Porter. Puff may seem like a nice guy, others think is a thief and he is dangerous. One man death paid the wave for Another with the death of Biggie Puff all of sudden went from video cameos to a full fledged career with Mase and Fabulous ghostwriting for him.

Once Biggie died he had a record out days later with his ex wife Faith Evans on the chorus and Puff raping it was a nice gesture till the rumors and gossip, it seems strange that twenty five years later a Movie Body of Lies made it feel  like Puff allegedly involved  in the murder of biggie mirroring the acts of Suge Knight  on the death of Pac security was removed and then Big died Kim was also rumored to be asking Cassie before she ran off and got married and had a baby,  if she heard anything about the death of Tupac and Biggie? 

I prefer to say this is could be  all rumor because ,we don’t have evidence, Puff has also had a bodyguard speaking against him and Jay setting up the death of Tupac Shakur the case has not been solved and the way he allowed Biggie to go to Los Angeles after the death of Tupac is very shocking because people in California adorned admired and respected 2Pac.

Shocking Details about Kim Porter Toxicology report and Police Report People Cannot Ignore 

After the death of Kim the lap top was stolen many believe it was to recover the memoir so it would not get into the wrong persons hands. This in itself is quite concerning being this is not the first time a death has been reported to be connected to Sean Combs. I believe there may be some truth to Biggie not liking Puffy and I believe that Kim death could have been natural causes but we need that death certificate to really be sure. 

On the channel Tuff News the content creator had some Exclusive details about what really went down family members and other people who are in the know have reached out to his channel so I wanted you to tune into our radio station let us know what you think about the reports that are breaking the internet and also exposing what may have happened to Kim the bad part is the casket was ordered months before her death. is it that the rich are protected by a hidden hand we hope justice will prevail if Kim Porter was murdered we want whoever is involved exposed. 


Diddy has always presented himself like a player, most normal people believed that the women he was with long term had to be compliment in his private party’s he has had with only men in attendance this is all allegedly of course we all can make our own observations and judgements. Money Power and Respect is the key to life could this mean that he will never be questioned about Tupac Biggie or Kim? 


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According to the rumor mill Puffy did set up 2Pac and may have had something to do with the untimely demise of Biggie Like Tupac he was about to make a move to his own Label. Gene Deal, Puffs ex Bodyguard claimed that he and Pac where cool then all of sudden they weren’t cool. Kim also according to our sources liked her some Tupac and that doesn’t surprise me he was a Lady’s man. I guess for me,  I don’t understand what women see in this man he has bad juju with everyone he works with dies or goes broke or goes to jail for some reason or another. 

The fact Diddy never married Kim Porter kind of  seemed a little off because she has the three children with him which share his bloodline and then there is Quincy who calls Diddy his dad even though he didn’t marry Quincy’s  mother to me I find that to be odd because the streets say Diddy beat on Kim and there relationship ended after the rumors surfaced after her death. 


Disclaimer: Content in this post is all allegedly sources are noted within the article including video content and also commentary from other publishers and content creators who have also reported rumors gossip, due to the severity of accusations noted in this article this is a radio station and entertainment centered movement we are not saying it is the 100% truth and we are saying it is a lie. All content presented is from independent research education and informative purposes.

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