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Murder Inc ” Irv Gotti “Put a Hit Piece out on R&B Singer Ashanti

Ashanti saids she never had sexual relations with Irv Gotti deb
Deb lorenzo doesnt believe Ashanti about her relationship with her husband IrvGotti

Irv Gotti said he was involved with Ashanti during her time with Murder Inc.

We are all told not to kiss and tell Irv Gotti has broken that rule and the confidence of many people. Ashanti is a gorgeous woman talented and still driven to perform. I will say i did not expect her to sing acapella the way she did lets just say everyone has a bad day here and there it still doesn’t take away from her talent for songwriting her acting scenes and most of all her music career no one can take that from her even if it is a member of her old label who was supposed to  be loyal and respectful no wonder she has not been present around any of the Murder Inc events.

Ashanti - Chapter II Double LP VG+ US RARE Hip Hop 2003 Murder Inc. Records | eBay

Ashanti a grown and sexy  mature woman now, she has flourished on the scene once again and this time it is damage control as a woman you would think men didn’t gossip. It is so thirsty for him to act like this. Irv is not the kind of creature I BELIEVE SHE WOULD BE ATTRACTED TO

Irv Gotti Said He’s Relaunching Murder Inc Records | The FADER

Ashanti was never spoken about in a bad way until a few years back she was seen in Dubai this is a trend with some IG Models truth be told she is famous so what is wrong with that?
It could be the busy bodies online making things up or it could be a girl just traveling its not like she needs to tag the sponsor.



Irv Gotti Close To Ex-Wife, Closer To Girlfriend! Meet Grown Up Children Of Music Mogul
Ashanti openly dated rapper Nelly, and this was a long-term relationship so why did she get on the Breakfast Club and say this was all lies about her dating Irv Gotti she was also not at many of their performances because there was bad business between Irv and Ashanti…

Ashanti Says She Hasn't Seen Ex Nelly since Their Decade-Long Relationship Ended in 2013
Ashanti was the only girl to be signed to the label she wrote songs for herself and also for Jennifer Lopez a true value to the music industry. We all know about the song she was on with Fabulous I really Like she was the original singer and then she was removed, from the record. irv Gotti had his run-on Reality TV and his wife did have some shocking revelations about Irv and his infidelity while he was hot boy in the industry.


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Who is Ashanti Dating now? Boyfriend and Relationship History - Joyner Lucas, Nelly, Chink ...

During that time, I don’t think she ever named names so even if it is true how could we be mad at Ashanti well she is not having it she has come out to say she did not have sexual relations with Irv that he is lying. Just a few weeks ago I heard an interview where she said a producer in the game wanted her to have sex with her to get on a record and her people took care of it. So whose taking care of Irv Gotti because he has tarnished her image with this kiss and tell on ” Drink champs hosted by Noriega.


Ashanti Has a Messy Dating History - Real Reality Gossip

Fat joe didn’t like it and I do not blame him this happens alto in the music industry look at Lil Kim, Mariah Carey and let’s not forget about Celine Dion she married the VP of the same record label she was signed witH.Irv ex wife apparently spoke about him cheating on her with his artist Ashanti I guess the show for may was not that interesting during research for this story i felt it would be nice to find some receipts.

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